Capcom on a Possible Onimusha HD Collection With 5 PS2 Games: “Still Nothing Like This Planned”

It seems that HD collections are all the rage these days, with Capcom’s own Devil May Cry HD Collection currently on sale during the PlayStation All-Stars Heritage Sale on the PlayStation Network. - PSLS

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Yi-Long2051d ago

... they'd probably half-ass it anyway.

If you're gonna do HD-ports/remakes, you need to make them the best you can. We know Capcom is too lazy and too greedy to really put in the effort to do so.


showtimefolks2051d ago


No doubt to make HD collection 1.5 than release another to charge $39.99 twice

Capcom use to be all about gamers than this gen happened along with DLC

Capcom fanboys still defend them no matter what, it's just wrong but I guess all fanboys are bad

camel_toad2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )


I completely agree with your statement about this being Capcom's worst generation of games - and it's been such a long gen too.

Capcom used to really mean something to me as far back as Mega Man 1.

MehmetAlperTR2051d ago

I dont want a shi**y hd remake like RE4 from cRapcom. Why they dont just do it the right way.. I mean we want new Onimusha not the old ones. We played it and we like it but thats enough money grabbers. We want a new game.

Knushwood Butt2051d ago

Was RE4 on PS3 poor? I kind of have it on my radar (but, in reality, no time to play...).

dbjj120882051d ago

Yeah definitely disappointing.

knifefight2051d ago

Man I played the hell out of Onimusha 3 back in the day.

TrendyGamers2051d ago

Same here, first game in the series I beat.

ShugaCane2051d ago

So that means another episode is even more unlileky ? Really sad....

Godmars2902051d ago

I still have all my copies :p

Mind you, was just staring Oni1 when my BC PS3 died on me :(

Minato-Namikaze2051d ago

Where can i go to complain to capcom about this? This is literally the last HD collection i need (even though there are still some i want). At this point i dont even care if they split it into 2 collections i'd still buy it.

Godmars2902051d ago

They're concerned that it wont sell enough to justify the cost of making the collection.

Could be worse; they could have gotten NT to make reboot.

A modern-era, Euro-trash reboot...

Minato-Namikaze2051d ago

I know they are concerned about it not selling, but people actually want this. Touching up a ps2 game cant be that expensive and only a couple hundred thousand in sales should be enough to turn a profit (i'm basing this off other HD collections). I'd like them to have bluepoint games, sanzaru, or idol minds do the work.

Godmars2902051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

You're also talking about five PS2 titles where most collections have been three or less.

And still, at this point I'm very much concerned with Capcom's ability to simply make a game. And not just them. Much of the industry seems unable to move past PS2 era mechanics, while also hemming themselves in with real world physics game engines and "ascetics" which boils down to gritty and grungy dilapidated post-apocalyptic art styles.

And yes, Konami did and are doing MGS with boo-ku games including a couple SNES titles, but Onimusha is not MGS.

Minato-Namikaze2051d ago

I thought it was only 4 titles? Onimusha (the genma version), 2, 3 and DOD, or are you also including blade warriors? I also think capcom is having trouble making games this gen which is why i want this hd collection before they completely go off their rockers lol.

ChipChipperson2051d ago

Believe it or not, there was a gameboy advance Onimusha game called, Onimusha Tactics. I played it a long time ago and it was pretty good for a gameboy Onimusha game. It's gameplay is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and it did have Ekei, Kotaro, and Magoichi in it from Onimusha 2.

Godmars2902051d ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Added a game.

And yes, Capcom has indeed to all facts lost it. despite all the bickering between DMC "fans" that train wreak was obvious. Regardless of the job Ninja Theory did, which was good but not up to par of a DMC game. And Capcom repaid them by throwing them under the bus for doing the exact job they asked from them, as well as the fans who were literally screaming that they didn't want the game that was being shown.

And like Capcom I haven't a clue as to how they're going to regain gamer confidence.

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