Call of Duty Ghosts Trailer Shows Gameplay Style Likely to Change (Is that Ghost Recon I smell?)

Vg Republic Writes: Call of Duty Ghosts has seen its share of the spotlight and we hadn’t even seen anything other than an ad that a couple of weeks ago showed nothing more than the box art for the upcoming reveal, not to mention the hoopla that was thrown its way when an upcoming Target ad showed the ability to pre-order the game. I guess that is what being the biggest video game franchise in the history will do for you. So you can only imagine what took place today when a live action trailer for the title went live…. pandemonium. Even I was intrigued by the trailer and the upcoming title will be in my library for a system of choice, but seeing so little within the trailer didn’t really tell us anything other than why the Ghosts wear the masks that they do, or did it tell us something more about the game?

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USMC_POLICE1606d ago

Hope so. Cod killed socom and ghost recon so hopefully cod will now be like them!

Ravenor1606d ago

To be fair SOCOM killed itself, Confrontation was fine but it suffered from so many connectivity issues early that it failed to gain any traction.

SOCOM 4 was just awful though, CoD can't be blamed for how awful that game was.

Soldierone1606d ago

Socom 4 tried to mimic COD while still attempting to be SOCOM at the heart, thats why it was so terrible.

JoGam1606d ago

COD didn't kill Socom. Socom killed itself. They tried to make it more generic like cod. Thats why it failed.

ginsunuva1605d ago

So CoD indirectly killed Socom by leading the blinded developers into making a CoD-like game.

Agent_hitman1606d ago

It's really obvious that COD ghost is just a Ghost Recon rip-off.. Period!

DeadlyFire1605d ago

Ubisoft is growing and Activision sees them as a new threat with Rainbow Six Patriots coming along. This is no surprise to me. FarCry 3 is amazing compared to what I thought it would be.

annus1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Oh my god he has a mask so the game play must be different!!!

Not sure if it's related, but wasn't there a guy called Ghost in one of the older CoDs who wore a mask similar to that?

JKelloggs1606d ago

"Is that Ghost Recon I Smell?"


Soldierone1606d ago

This will never work.

Why fix what isn't broken? Just update it.

COD players can't handle the tactical approach to things, thats why other games never take off. Ghost Recond, even Bad Company 2, had COD players crying about how bad they were simply because the players sucked at them.

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