Are Videogames Art? The Ultimate Question Answered

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"It's an debate that gamers either love or hate: are videogames art? Some people like to get into long-winded arguments about creativity, interactivity and aesthetics; others just like to play games..."

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meepmoopmeep3561d ago

games these days give hollywood movies a run for the money.

Breakfast3561d ago

if people consider movies as an art, then there is no question that (some) video games are art too.

NeoBasch3561d ago

And so the debate begins, again. But those that do know what art truly is know that both gameplay and direction go hand in hand. Just look at Uncharted or Heavenly Sword. Some developers miss this and it makes me sad. They could do so much more. Its hard sometimes to get excited for a game when all there is to it is just pressing a bunch of buttons with no deeper meaning. I did not get into games just to get high scores. My reasons go way further than that. Anything else, would be sub par.

Harry1903561d ago

no.but overall,a definite yes.
it's only mishap is to emerge
in such an age of negativity
and is
now still an infant waitng,till
the day its glory be fathomed by
the masses.

SlappingOysters3561d ago

discovered how much BioShock stole from Condemned

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