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If Xbox 720 Launches Alongside Ghosts, Sony Is Screwed

It's the dream scenario for Microsoft and the nightmare scenario for Sony. Call of Duty is too huge, the majority of CoD fans play on Xbox...and that's it. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS4, Xbox One)

aviator189  +   852d ago
But wouldn't it launch alongside the ps4 as well?
Both systems are probably going to launch within weeks of each other, so I don't think it'd make much of a difference.
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MariaHelFutura  +   852d ago
Yes. Call Of Duty won't be exclusive to the Xbox. People create these kind of delusions because MS doesn't have many mentionable 1st party studios. They think timed DLC or timed exclusive rights are the be all end all, they're not.
EVILDEAD360  +   852d ago
Sony is far from screwed when Call of Duty arrives in November.

The biggest selling games on the PS3 is Call of Duty and Grand theft auto.

Call of Duty will be the top selling game on the PS4 as well, by far.

But, the 720 is going to fly off the shelves as well and the number one title will be Call of duty: Ghosts.

The other thing is if Ghosts allows Xbox Live gamers to play with their 360 brethren, then yeah that will be a big time incentive for 360 gamers to take the plunge.

But, this will also be good if PSN gamers have that same ability.

Call of Duty is a beast and it doesn't hurt that the game will be revealed at the Microsoft Reveal, but it won't stop Sony from anything they are doing as well.

MaxXAttaxX  +   852d ago
COD games are just as big on PlayStaion, selling between 10 to 13 million units.
Let's not forget that the next COD game will also come out for 360 and PS3, which is where it will sell the most.
I don't think a lot of people will buy a new system just to play a game they can already play on their current system. Unless a COD game becomes exclusive to next-gen platforms, I don't think it can be considered a system seller.
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JeffGUNZ  +   852d ago
I don't know about that MariahelFutura. The sole fact that it COD is revealing its next gen COD at xboxs next gen console reveal shows you something blockbuster is about to happen. I think it will be a launch bundle, which would be huge. I am not sold that MS will dump the money it would take for COD to be an xbox exclusive, but I wouldn't be surprised if they paid to have it a next box timed exclusive, which would still do the same damage. This doesn't really matter to most PS gamers here, but the mainstream this could be huge.
MariaHelFutura  +   852d ago
I agree w/ everything except being timed exclusively, it'll more than likely be timed DLC if anything
fathoms  +   852d ago
Doesn't matter. 2/3 of all CoD sales are for the Xbox platform, which translates to a monopoly for Microsoft.
MysticStrummer  +   852d ago
Going by previous gen numbers is a mistake. Just ask Sony.

Check the sales numbers. Your math is off, and so is your definition of the word "monopoly".
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   852d ago
Isn't the difference between the different versions of MW3 and BO2 like 2 million? That's hardly a monopoly and MS would have to spend an awful lot to get Activision away from those 12m sales or so that they would get by being on PS consoles. Remember that includes DLC from PS owners and COD Elite subscriptions. A man waits for some logic as to how MS would make that cost up (it won't increase COD sales on their platform by 12m).
Statix  +   852d ago
2/3 sales of COD are on Xbox? Where the hell did you get that number?

Anyway, the sales of COD have historically been within ~2 million of each other. Considering Microsoft pays up the ass to stamp every single COD commercial with their Xbox 360 logo, I'm surprised the difference in sales isn't much more.

Makes you wonder how effective such a marketing tactic--in addition to timed DLC--really is. I have a strong feeling that most people (casual and softcore players) don't care what console they buy COD for. They just buy the latest COD title for whatever console they currently own.
fathoms  +   852d ago
And by the way, what percentage of those sales are worldwide?

Who wants to bet that the US sales (where Xbox is king) of CoD are WAY more on the side of Xbox than PlayStation?
Jihaad_cpt  +   852d ago
Please look up what monopoly means and while you're at it just read more (books) in general.
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fathoms  +   852d ago
The last three authors I've read are James, Tolstoy, and Eliot.

How about you?
PLAYWATCH  +   851d ago
Because of fanboys like you who can't see objectively, I wouldn't mind seeing xbox get crushed next gen.
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Sevir  +   852d ago
Sony isn't screwed, because Call of Duty is just as big on the PS platform
as it is on the xbox platform, The PS3 version of the game still manages to sell ballpark figures of the 360 version and that likely wont change, but its still ballpark figures. If it sells 6 million on the xbox it'll sell 4.5-5 million on the PS, Does Sony or Activision care COD sells a million less on the platform in launch month when they both end up totaling out over the life cycle of the the game? short answer NO.

As ive said before in another thread regarding this. MS can back up the dump truck to secure timed exclusives to sell an extra million or so on the xbox, Sony's Ps platform will get the DLC 2 months later and still end up selling the same figures in the end, and both Activision and Sony will laugh to the bank, sony more because they didn't have to spend a dime to get those sales when they already know its guaranteed.

So to refute this article, No, Sony isn't screwed, While MS will benefit by flaunting COD with the xbox brand as its biggest Gem, without having to claim brand association can also proudly say that COD is a gem in their stable!

Next article please!
torchic  +   852d ago
not only that, but it's it'll also be on PS3, 360, Wii U etc.

don't get why people are panicking and acting like you'll only be able to play Ghosts on the new Xbox.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   852d ago
Yeah I'm having a hard time seeing how "Sony is screwed" if a multiplatform game is getting released.
Abash  +   852d ago
CoD Ghosts will be available on PS3/360 first and foremost and thats where the large majority of players will play the game. Most the CoD audience arent hardcore, early adopters who are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to play the game on a next gen console
JeffGUNZ  +   852d ago
That doesn't really make sense when you think about it. If it were coming to just the 360/ps3 first, why would the next gen COD reveal their game when MS reveals their next gen console? I see three scenarios. Most likely, the nextbox and COD will be released on or about the same day in a bundle pack for launch. Second, which is likely, MS will dump money so COD is a timed exclusive for their next gen console. Or third, which is less likely, MS dumps a truck load of money and buys the exclusive rights to the ghost trilogy or saga or whatever it is.
dedicatedtogamers  +   852d ago
Nah, not really. If I'm not mistaken, CoD is the top-selling game for BOTH consoles, and BOTH versions sell right around 10-12 million.

I'd hardly say then that the "majority" of CoD players are on Xbox, but hey, keep bragging about multiplat games like you have been since 2010. It's funny to watch.

And I still don't understand why people keep piggy-backing off of CoD. It's Activision. It'll be on all consoles. It'll be on your toaster oven coils if Activision has anything to say about it. A console can't succeed on multiplats.
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fathoms  +   852d ago
All the numbers make it plain that the VAST majority of avid CoD players are on Xbox. It's why there's timed DLC for the Xbox and why the new CoD will be first unveiled at TWO Xbox-oriented websites.

And it will not sell 10-12 million on each platform; for each CoD, the Xbox versions outsell the PlayStation versions by a 2:1 ratio. It's a given.
kreate  +   852d ago
Its also a given that cod sells too well on the ps3 even though xbox version outsells it.

Its not a small number that can easily be ignored.
dedicatedtogamers  +   852d ago
If you want to talk real numbers, fathoms, you're wrong. The "VAST majority" does not exist in CoD. Let's take a look at real numbers, okay?

CoD: Black Ops sold 14 million on 360. Nice! On PS3 it sold 12 million. Hardly a "VAST majority" or a 2:1 ratio, wouldn't you say? But let's not stop there.

Modern Warfare 3? 15 million on 360, 12.5 million on PS3. Ooops! Wrong again. Not a "vast majority" nor a 2:1 ratio.

Black Ops II? 12 million on 360, 10 million on PS3. 2:1 ration? Nope. Vast majority? Nope.

What about older CoD games? Modern Warfare 2 sold 13 million on 360 and 10 million on PS3. 2:1 ratio? Nope. "Vast majority"? Nope.

I think you need to grab a dictionary and a math textbook, because you're confused on what the terms "vast majority" and "2:1 ratio" seem to mean.
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MysticStrummer  +   852d ago
In reference to what I said in my above comment, going by the numbers from the previous gen would have led you to say back in 2005 :

"All the numbers make it plain that the VAST majority of gamers are on a Sony platform. It's why no one will buy a 360 and why Microsoft will be out of the console business altogether by the end of the next generation."

It's a mistake to think that one gen's numbers translate to the next, and CoD has timed DLC on 360 because MS paid for it.
Sevir  +   852d ago
Thank you for summing it up so perfectly! The Franchise is a mega seller on both platforms and after selling an average of 10-13 million on the PS platform, why would sony Dump money on Activision's lawn just to sell an extra 1-2 million when it'll get the same DLC and over all level out in the same ballpark as the xbox 360 version a few months later.

People here like to think that COD is some dark horse of the xbox platform because MS threw money to make the game popular on the 360, when the truth is, its just as big a weapon on the PS3. As I said above Sony and Activision make their bottom line and they both laugh it up to the bank every year come november till when the game stops selling and everyone who buys the game yearly shifts over to the next rehash of the game every November, the only difference is, Sony isnt air lifting connex boxes of cash to Kotic's front porch to sell that many on the PS platform.

Let MS continue the business practice that works for them, its pretty obvious that Sony is doing just fine making moves where it needs to with other Devs, I believe Bungie, and ubisoft will have the new franchises this gen that will bring the PS brand something amazing much like how GTA made the PS2 a big deal.

Sony's already throwing the cash at Bungie and Ubisoft for both Destiny and Watchdogs
fathoms  +   852d ago
dedicatedtogamers: You grandly missed the point, although I obviously didn't make it plain before. I'm not talking about overall sales. I'm not talking about launch sales. Want an example?


"Initial feedback from retailers is that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [on Xbox 360] has outsold the PS3 2:1," he said."

That's launch numbers.

Black Ops II was closer but it was still a 2 million difference. And retailers are quick to report sales of the Xbox versions of CoD as indeed being double that of the PS3 versions during the first few days of release. THAT'S what matters for a new hardware launch.

Furthermore, this is mostly an ONLINE game, where most of the entertainment is had. The numbers for the amount of hours spent playing online between Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network (where CoD is concerned) might interest you.

There are also plenty of recent stats that support the theory that more people play online with the 360.

It's also ridiculous to assume that numbers will automatically reverse just because it's a new generation. It was a perfect storm for Microsoft between the Xbox and Xbox 360, especially where the PS2 and PS3 were concerned. You can't really expect the exact same thing to happen again.
kreate  +   852d ago
"Initial feedback from retailers is that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [on Xbox 360] has outsold the PS3 2:1," he said."

cuz when mw2 first came out, ps3 install base was much smaller, so the 'initial' sales were like that, later throughout the lifetime, the sales evened out.

how can u use one example and make a statement when the reasoning lacks consistency? u got owned by dedicatedgamers 2nd comment.
PLAYWATCH  +   851d ago
fathoms, you have a talent for spewing ignorance with confidence. That's what happens when you don't take off the fanboy goggles. Lay off the goggles and become an objective gamer. Please it's embarrassing.

Check dedicatedtogamers above for the numbers.
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coolbeans  +   852d ago
Who in the world could concoct such a ridiculous assumption about a multiplatform title having that much of a detrimental effect to a new console?
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MariaHelFutura  +   852d ago
It's ridiculous. Even w/ timed DLC involved. People buy games like this on the system their friends are on or the only system they own.
Statix  +   852d ago
COD being available at launch of Wii U--with exclusive features no less--sure didn't help that console much. The sales were crap, and totally obliterated by PS3 and 360 versions of Black Ops 2.

I tend to think the power of COD as a system seller is a bit overstated, let alone the power of timed DLC. I think the vast majority of people just buy the latest COD game for whatever console they happen to own.
WildArmed  +   852d ago
Didn't you know?

Call of Duty is now MS exclusive and Battlefield is now Sony exclusive.

I hear it's much better for EA and Activision to decrease their consumers by half :)
Ken22  +   852d ago
Lol you act like COD will be the only game at launch.I doubt one game will make people buy a certain console just to play it.When its gonna be on both consoles.

Maybe i should write an article called "Why M$ are screwed if the have no brand new IPs and good franchises at launch".
Cruelty  +   852d ago
How much ya think it will cost to be an MS exclusive launch title.....publicly I am curious.
MysticStrummer  +   852d ago
Given the positive buzz PS4 has been getting, I'd say Activision would demand a very high price to limit CoD to MS's console alone.
Cruelty  +   852d ago
16.79 vs 33.16
Belking  +   852d ago
A new COD will sure get some people excited.
Shuyin  +   852d ago
Just ... lol.
stragomccloud  +   852d ago
That depends on whether or not Xbox will go free for online play or Sony decides to make online play a pay service. When friends get together to debate one system or another, that could be a major factor.
TKCMuzzer  +   851d ago
Sony is about choice. It will be free for online gaming, want extra features? you can pay for them if you wish will be their policy I imagine.
stragomccloud  +   851d ago
I agree. I think they will stay that route.
ger2396  +   852d ago
From a business stand point it makes sense. Why invest in new ips when you can pay millions of dollars to ensure timed exclusive dlc. There's no way cod is an Xbox exclusive.
Veneno  +   852d ago
I'll still be playing Uncharted 4 and whatever other new masterpiece that comes from Naughty Dog, Quantic Dreams PS4 masterpiece, NIS rpgs, etc. I'll be juuuuuuust fine :-)
mrmancs  +   852d ago
Sony is screwed? I am not even going to waste my time answering that stupid statement.
THC CELL  +   852d ago
Wow call of.duty.sucks now. Ms needs New ips .
TheKayle1  +   852d ago
IF (and i repeat IF) cod will be an xbox exclusive...yes
ps4 sales will be initially totally screwed

and yeah i know cod sucks babla kz demo used only 1.5gb ram blablalba

look at sales....that is what matter bb
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supremacy  +   852d ago
My thing is like i said many times before, how many units dos MS plan on launching?

Chances are that they'll suffer from shortages like the others have in the past, and in turn that will force some to just buy the other platform and said game for that other platform as well.

And if you want to talk worldwide, you have to ask yourself if this is what MS is planning to sell the japanese market. God knows how successful american ips are out there, and before anyone comes in here trying to downplay Japans' significance in all this just know MS wouldnt bother if it didn't mean a thing.

I just find it hard to believe how a console which is likely to be in short supply and probably launch a month after the Playstation 4 will obliberate the competition with a game releasing on every platform you could think off beforehand.

Would the Author had said something similar if the Playstation 4 was launching with GTA5 as its main selling point? I highly doubt it, despite the fact GTA4 was one of the highest rated games and highest selling games this past gen. I am sure the argument would then be; Playstation 4 launching with GTA5, but does it matter? Biase is everywhere these days, and these people claiming to be journalists are part of the problem that fuel fanboy wars for the sake of traffic.

I often here the argument about exclusive relevance, how they dont matter or how Sony exclusive dont sell. Yet GT5, sold 10 in less than 3 months, and Uncharted 3 sold 3 million in its first 48 hours or so. No matter what anyone thinks, exclusive ips are important and helps define a platform.

I know we tend to pick on Nintendo for relying on the old franchises decade after decade, but Just imagine what Nintendo would be like without mario or zelda or xbox without halo or sony without its ips. It ill look something like the app store versus the play store, all those cross games, of which many go unnoticed or completely ignored. And i think this( a healthy combination of exclusive and multiplatform games from old to new ips) and great services is what will determine what console will occupy most homes in the long run.
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Zcarnut  +   852d ago
I think "scenario" articles like this before E3 even drops are premature. Both MS and Sony will be showing games we know nothing about yet.We also dont know pricing of the systems or even launch dates. There just isnt enough info to go at this point to speculate. I dont even know which system I want in my living room this year yet LOL.
Tatsuya  +   852d ago
screwed? I've had enough of FPS games this current gen. I'm looking forward to what PS4 will bring to the table for gamers with all the various genre of games that already have been announced for PS4 so far.

No doubt that Ghosts will come to PS4 as well, but a statement that says PS4 will be screwed if it is an exclusive for the xbox is just plain exaggerating.

It's obvious this article was written by an Xbot.
JeffGUNZ  +   852d ago
First, it was a Playstation site, so it's not a fanboy. I am tired of people throwing that word around every time someone has a different opinion then their own.

Also, think out of the box. Sure, hardcore gamers like you and I will not see this as the end of the world because we play many other games. But, when you look at the rest of the population, COD still more then doubles all games being played on Live and PSN. People love it. Now, they are releasing a new story out of the MW theme and it will be running on a next gen engine. Remember what that did to COD4MW when it first launched? That's why COD got to where it is. If they have a top tier engine running this game, it's going to be huge. If MS secures the exclusive rights to COD Ghost and the series, it would be a huge advantage overall for MS.
ZBlacktt  +   851d ago
Guy has not clue at all. The XBox came out a full year before the PS3. It was also a world wide launch console. The PS3 was not as North America and Japan got it in 2006. While all of Europe would have to wait until 2007. Yet look at where the two systems are today.

Now the PS4 is worlds ahead of the PS3 as far as tech and features. It does not matter what the next Xbox comes with. Because the PS4 has it all and even a better Blu-ray drive. I hope the new XBox is not some mega HD DVD console still. Either way, COD is not going to effect the PS4. Watch and see....
Kakashi Hatake  +   851d ago
"No exclusives, but hey at least MS advertises our version of Call of Duty better. Viva la Xbox" I swear MS has turned Xbox loyalists into zombies. Exclusives are what define a console and make a brand worth its existance. Why would you favor a company that just wants to get by the easiest way possible without defining itself.
TKCMuzzer  +   851d ago
: 720 version and PS4 version will be released at the same time.
: They will look identical.
: You will get DLC one month earlier on 720.
: PS4 will be free to play online, 720 will cost you extra (maybe single player as well)
: Both will have stupid lag, idiots who ruin the game, pictures of penises on the calling cards, kids who think their the bees knees, ridiculous aim assist, stupid quick scoping for sniper rifles, care packages that land out side the map, split screening users that crap the match up, boosters, patch after patch, oh and people who don't stop slagging off your mum......

If you base your purchase of a next gen console on this game alone then you need to take a long hard look at yourself.
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SpinalRemains138  +   851d ago

Considering the PS4 version will be 60 dollars and the Microsoft version will be 150 dollars, ummmm........no.

No one plays cod for the single player. No one.

Sony users get every COD game for at least half the price of Microsoft users.

Just another fact, but don't let those get in the way of your delusions here.

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