New Fuse Trailer Shows Off an Impressive Looking Title; We Shouldn’t Have Doubted the Pro’s

VG Republic Writes: Fuse is a major dark horse in a year that is probably the worst possible time frame to bring a title such as this out. Not only that, the game hasn’t been fully shown off to the public until today in regards to anything about the story of the title or what should draw consumers to the game other than being a co-op shooter. Then there is the artwork, and well, we’ll just stop there. Three strikes and you’re out, as it is one of the most competitive markets that we have seen in this generation; there are blockbusters coming at gamers at every turn, but that might be just a little premature. Fuse is looking, after the reel that hit the web today, like an impressive feat for a company that has been looking for an identity after the Resistance series began to sputter on the PlayStation 3. Electronic Arts went out on a limb with Insomniac wanting to attempt something new, but that limb is looking much stronger and showing that Fuse has it’s rightful place in the market, even amongst the largest year in gaming we’ve seen possibly in this entire generation. We shouldn’t have doubted the pro’s.

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Sevir2028d ago

I really love the game the more I see it. I'm gonna get it.

ShugaCane2028d ago

Looks very generic to me...

Sevir2028d ago

Good for you, i'm glad we dont have the same eyes!

nirwanda2027d ago

To me it looks like a 4 player coop game where everyone has different skills and the name fuse suggests that they join together to make one big character a bit like powerrangers

Root2027d ago

So true

"We Shouldn’t Have Doubted the Pro’s"

Oh just stop it....defending a company that used to be great and now is making a generic game for a horrible publisher.

LOL_WUT2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

This game looks horrible good luck to Insomniac ;)

Braid2027d ago

I watched the trailer, and I'm still doubting it.

shivvy242026d ago

The trailer gave off a RESISTANCE 2 vibe !! i like what i see

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ATi_Elite2026d ago

Wow Another Insomniac title YES I'm so happy!

(It's a Multiplat and not a Sony Exclusive)

"Oh it looks generic"!

"Oh just stop it....defending a company that used to be great and now is making a generic game for a horrible publisher".

"This game looks horrible good luck to Insomniac"

"I watched the trailer, and I'm still doubting it."

"If they were truly great devs, they'd have made a better, more creative game."

"graphics and animation look like poop"

wow looks like the Sony faithful have turned on insomniac like a Rabid Dog turning on it's Master......So funny!!!

MysticStrummer2026d ago

We could find quotes from people who hated on Insomniac until they went multiplat too. I wonder why you don't bother to mention that fact? Hmmm...

000012028d ago

this game looks like a homage to every mediocre action game ever made.not sure why insomniac felt that this was a good idea to go through with making a game. ultimately we'll have to see when it comes and and is playable but judging by these trailers FUSE looks really generic, not bad, just generic.

kneon2027d ago

From the trailers we've seen so far it seems to be lacking the personality, charm and humor of the original overstrike trailer. Basically it's missing everything that made me want to buy overstrike day one.

Temporary2027d ago

Im a huge Insomniac fan and have always respected them as a developer ... but I have to say this trailer didnt excite me one bit. It left me wondering about that giant guy in the background blasting away ... like "wtf is that guy?" but aside from that it just looked very "default" to me.

I'll gamefly it for sure though, hopefully ill be pleasantly surprised.

Knushwood Butt2027d ago

I think that big guy has been at the fuse, or something...

Haze 2?

Ilovetheps42027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Something about the game is just missing in my opinion. And also based on that trailer, the graphics did not look good at all. I just don't know what to say about it. I really want to like it because Insomniac is making it, but at the end of the day I can't get excited about it. It just doesn't look right. I'll try the demo though. Maybe it'll surprise me.

GamersRulz2027d ago

Insomniac are great devs, looking forward for FUSE.

ironfist922027d ago

If they were truly great devs, they'd have made a better, more creative game.

KOIMOJO2027d ago

You have no clue how good this game is... Quit being a god damn troll.

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