CheatCC Review: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Flash, Boom, Bang

CheatCC writes: "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2; the name is nearly the same and so is the game. However, a few tweaks and additions here and there have slightly improved this tactical shooter. The intriguing level design, solid presentation, and killer online play have Rainbow Six Vegas 2 coming up sevens!"

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Guwapo773652d ago

OMFG!!!!! T - 3days:12hours:32mins:59seconds

joydestroy3652d ago

uh....1 day 7hrs, 45min for me.

Guwapo773652d ago

...I don't think that deserved a disagree. Well here on the island of Guam...3 days and counting. But as I type this it's already Tuesday night at 6pm.

gunnerforlife3652d ago

well ur wrong as well here in the UK its 3 days left:P:P