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Submitted by BrashGames 1010d ago | opinion piece

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Winning the Next-Gen For Microsoft

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Yes, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be coming to every platform on the planet, but you really cant overestimate just how big a coup this is for Microsoft. By getting the latest in the juggernaut FPS series to reveal alongside the next Xbox, they have essentially increased the potential impact of their reveal ten fold and will have instantaneously drawn the all important attention of the ‘casual’ crowd". (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Ken22  +   1011d ago
I doubt COD will be as big as this gen.Considering BF will be able to run 64 players this time around.xq
ZodTheRipper  +   1010d ago
People are slowly getting fed up with the series and it's about time this happened.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1010d ago
A man agrees. He sees many avid COD fans on IGN facebook posts saying how they may start skipping the series after being disappointed 3 straight times (at least). Many say they only played it because their friends did. A man knows a person personally who has bought every COD since 4 and yet has already said that they really don't care about the next one.
thechosenone  +   1010d ago
Is MS in position where it's in need of assistance? I believe MS/Xbox enjoyed their little early 1 year lead and it's lower priced hardware this gen but starting this holiday season it's a whole other ballgame.
loulou  +   1010d ago
"People are slowly getting fed up with the series"

yep 10m sales in the fist 2 weeks... man you can see just how fed up people are with the franchise.
Odoylerules000  +   1010d ago
O'Doyle rules.
Blacktric  +   1010d ago | Well said
"Winning the Next-Gen For Microsoft"

There are people out there who actually believe this...

Just wow.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1010d ago
This may be true but as fans leave the series, newcomers join. I don't see CoD dying anytime soon.
MysticStrummer  +   1010d ago
Call of Duty didn't win this gen for MS, so I'm not sure why it would win next gen.

I'll never understand why people think multiplats at a press conference is a coup.

The only way that's true is when a long time exclusive goes multiplat, and even then it depends on the game.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1010d ago
There's no doubt the next COD game will be big.
BUT COD games are just as big on PS3 as they are on 360, selling between 10 to 13 million units.
Let's not forget that the next COD game will still come out for 360 and PS3, which is where it will sell the most.

I don't think a lot of people will buy a new system just to play a game they can already play on their current system. Unless a COD game becomes exclusive to a next-gen platform, I don't think it can be considered a system seller.
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PeaSFor  +   1009d ago
COD did jack shit for the 360 this gen, the 360 is already behind the ps3 ...even with a whole year of sales against no competition in front of the ps3 and MS are still behind sony.

now with both consoles launching in the same month(from the look of it) MS aint gonna have the same opportunity to sell consoles against no competition.

oh,.... and Call Of Aim Assist wont save their ass too.
SolidStoner  +   1009d ago
battlefield is not about 64 players...
have you looked at it? :)

just look at this crazy stuff...

I played battlefield 1942 then, CS 1.6, BF vietnam, cod4, cod mw2, cod bo, cod mw3, cod bo2, now BF3... we have to move on.. dont you think there is too many "cod" word in my list!? :)
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Mustang300C2012  +   1010d ago
Wait. YOu doubt COD will not be as big this gen simply because BF will have 64 players on consoles. Seriously you think number account alone is what makes a game bigger than another. Personal preference aside I don't see how you think that would be the case. I mean MAG should be the greatest game on the PS3 with over 100 players. 64 is small now.
Heisenburger  +   1010d ago
" Wait. YOu doubt COD will not be as big this gen simply because..."

*head explodes*
xDHAV0K24x  +   1010d ago
Lol MAG....
JoGam  +   1010d ago
The only way it can win for MS is if its exclusive.
hazardman  +   1010d ago
It might not be as big this gen, but you still can't underestimate the impact it will have for Microsoft. Shit I'm tired of COD myself but can't deny the appeal of a next gen version. Also especially if they get 1st dibs on DLC again, which is one of the reasons I played it more on Xbox!
BlackCarrot  +   1010d ago
I'm inclined to disagree. BF & COD are different games. If COD changes it up, it'll do well again. I like these casual games though, easy to pick up and play; I don't have time for Battlefield these days.

If COD doesn't improve in some way shape or form, well maybe you'll be right.

C'mon gents, there's a new-gen coming up: nobody knows what's gonna happen.
Shuyin  +   1010d ago
Totally agree. I am now what you call a Battlefield fanboy. I started playing BC2 then moved onto BF3 and I loved it. Nevertheless my gaming history on PS3 began with CoD4. CoD is what got me into this gen. I despise it now because it's gotten boring and shit and there's just too much crap ruining the core gameplay like overwhelming killstreaks. Man I miss the days when you just had a UAV, an airstrike and an attack helicopter. But if they manage to bring CoD back to its glory days (CoD4 & MW2!!! used to play these titles 24/7) I'd immediately be onboard. The games were so much fun back in the days...I'd die to have so much fun again..
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1010d ago
MS partnering with COD is no big deal. they've done it for 3 years and Sony's machine also reaped the benefits.

The difference is Cod is going next gen with brand new engine. The only thing I'm seeing MS doing, if MS REALLY wanted to get serious. Is either permanent DLC or the game being timed exclusive.

Which is very, very far stretched. Realistically, I can see premium exclusive content.

I just don't see how much of an "impact" it'll be that MS partnering with COD, Again.
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gman_moose  +   1010d ago
I think we need more retarded opinion pieces approved on N4G like this one. Microsoft had COD in their pocket this gen and it didn't help them win dick all, so why would it for next gen when the PS and MS consoles will launch side by side?
MYSTERIO360  +   1010d ago
Argh no.....COD is a multiplate and will not ''WIN'' it for MS. Plus i think however has the better deal with Destiny may generate the larger fanbase. Destiny is the game to watch in my opinion.
psp2roundup  +   1011d ago
Considering the fairly tame efforts from Sony at the PS4 "unveiling," MS would have to really botch its reveal to lose this round, but that's it - just one round in a 7-10 year war, don't get too excited yet.
sir_fortesque   1010d ago | Personal attack | show
ZBlacktt  +   1010d ago
Have you seen Watch Dogs for the PS4. Wow what a game... anyway, what's this story about?
PFFT  +   1010d ago
Actually all i saw was Watch Dogs running on a PC that had specs similar to the PS4.
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PC_MASTER_RACE   1010d ago | Spam
IRetrouk  +   1010d ago
Go and look at the latest dev video for it, you can clearly see ps buttons come up during gameplay.
IRetrouk  +   1010d ago
Dont think you understood me, the button came up while the game was playing ie button prompts while in game which can clearly be seen, ass hat much?

For the disagrees
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Shuyin  +   1010d ago
So it was a PS4. Because after all the PS4 IS a PC, right?

isyourhouseonfire  +   1010d ago
COD made the current gen what it is: The underdog that became the killer of the entire PC industry. It's been that successful. I expect COD will be what saves the next gen from the onslaught of mobiles devices.

As gamers, the least we can do is at least thank Activision as well as get excited for this upcoming reveal!
SgtFuzzy-T  +   1010d ago
wow - I smell a troller
MysticStrummer  +   1010d ago
"The underdog that became the killer of the entire PC industry."

That's as far as I read.

NobleTeam360  +   1009d ago
Lol I did the same.
xYLeinen  +   1010d ago
I would think no matter hardware, no matter developer, no matter publisher, more than one title is needed.
hazardman  +   1010d ago
That's only if you think COD is the only game coming out on Xbox.
gigoran  +   1010d ago
Oops, I seem to have missed the part where having early access privileges for cod made microsoft win this generation. Oh it didn't you say? Well I'll be damned. But that's going to make them win the next generation, right? Oh, you have not proof of that you say? It's just one game you say? A game that is getting old, tired, and repetitive you say? This just doesn't add up... Are you sure you're not legally mentally challenged? Because that would explain a lot.
Ju  +   1010d ago
I think this is just getting hilarious. Ha ha ha. So a not announced exclusive game for a not announced new console all of a sudden will win the race already pf a not yet existing battle. Aha. Sure. I get it. But Sony sucked because they didn't show the box. Hm.
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Dms2012  +   1010d ago
Sony is still a few million behind.
gigoran  +   1010d ago
A few million behind what? The millions of 360 consoles that people had to rebuy after their first and second ones red ringed?
vividi  +   1010d ago
What we want next gen? More Call of Duty, yay, seriously?
cyberninja  +   1010d ago
Lol, cod; people still care about it? It's gonna be like guitar hero, they will run it in to the ground eventually.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1010d ago
This article......why?
creatchee  +   1010d ago
I love how people try to claim that COD is dying because BLOPS 2 has sold at a lower rate than MW3. It is still the highest selling game this and last year on PS3 and XBOX, and continues to dominate the LIVE and PSN activity charts. To say that COD won't have an impact on next gen is to live in denial.
JeffGUNZ  +   1010d ago
Exactly. Especially when they will have a new engine for it. I was tied of COD then COD4MW came out and made COD the monster it is now. A new engine can bring a new feel to this game.
xDHAV0K24x  +   1010d ago
Sad but true
MysticStrummer  +   1010d ago
Of course it will have an impact on next gen, on both platforms, and the difficulty of PS3 development won't be part of the equation anymore.
jmac53  +   1010d ago
My complaints with the COD series is they need more innovation in the campaign and a new engine. They have a new engine for Ghost but we will see about the innovation.
objdadon  +   1010d ago
Well I'll just be waiting on the dlc this generation because the only reason I got a 360 was cause of friends having one and the cross game chat. I've always been pissed for paying yearly. Now that ps4 will have all these features Microsoft can kiss it! I had fun playing blops 2 on wii u and they have no dlc so I'll wait a month for dlc on ps4. If they think this is gonna change people's mind on the always online xbox they just don't know!
ThisJarContainsTHC  +   1010d ago
Anyone else picking up Dishonored vibes from that image?
Kakashi Hatake  +   1010d ago
Lame how Xbox fanboys want MS to win by parading around a game thats available for all platforms. Do you guys even want exclusives or just better advertisement for games.
JeffGUNZ  +   1010d ago
Just playing devils advocate here, but who cares? Who really cares if a game someone loves is exclusive or a multiplat, as long as that person gets to play it? COD is the most played game on PSN and Live, and it's a multiplat, how do you explain that? Most average gamers could careless if the game is exclusive or not. COD, BF, Assassins Creed, Borderlands, GTA, Read Dead, all these games are fantastic and multiplat.
xDHAV0K24x  +   1010d ago
venom06  +   1010d ago
i LOVE the CoD fanboy nerds (especially disgusting IGN) foamin at the mouth about CoD "new engine" and NOBODY knows what this "new engine" is gonna look like or play like.... so if CoDs "new engine" doesn't look realistic, would that be considered a fail?
FantasyStar  +   1010d ago
We'll find a way to blame Sony.
supremacy  +   1010d ago
So...What happens when MS starts having shortages?

People cant seriously expect, MS to ship 13 million xbox units on day one, thats where the other platforms come in.

And is this talking about U.S or the world?
This franchise seems to be big here in the states, elsewhere it does okay.

COD might not breathe with all the heavy competition coming in the holiday, GTA5, AC4, Watch dogs, Battlefield 4, among a few others.
JeepGamer  +   1010d ago
We've entered a pretty sorry state if the deciding factor is a new COD game. The best thing that could possibly happen to gaming right now would be a severe cut back on the number of FPS games.

Seriously, give them a rest already.
Fishermenofwar  +   1010d ago
Give this man a beer!!!! /\
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1010d ago
Well said, Developers just needs to focus on other genres. They are playing it safe since they know FPS will sell better. But i don't think so about this coming gen. We are all tired of FPS, we need a fresh and compelling game. There are so many genres out there, RPGs, Strategy, Racing, fighting, hack and slash, Beat em up, adventure paltformer and True survival horror games.
MysticStrummer  +   1010d ago
"Give this man a beer!!!!"

Next round is on me. FPS have become too common.
Sevir  +   1010d ago
Lol! They'd love to think that.
But let's be real, COD isn't exclusive to the 360/Next-gen Xbox...

its Releasing on The PS4 the PS3 and the Wii U...

The game will look and play the same across the next gen versions and it'll sell just as much on the PS platforms...

To say MS will win because they have brand association with COD is like saying Sony will win because Assassin's Creed is associated with the PS Brand.

Can we retire these silly article and crazy opinions. These are both multiplatform mega franchizes that sell millions on both the PS and Xbox platforms. No one platform will sell more units based on ONE game, especially a multiplatform one.

JeffGUNZ  +   1010d ago
I doubt it will be an exclusive, as smart as that would be for MS to do (but activision would pretty much request astronomical amounts of money for it), but you have to believe they will have some exclusive deals in place. This isn't like COD is showing it off at MS E3 show, they are showing it at their next gen reveal. I wouldn't be surprised if they paid to have COD release exclusively first on the next box, say 3 months or so.
Sevir  +   1010d ago
But whats the point of that when they said availbe for
Xbox 360 and PS3 and "Next Gen Consoles" November 5th.

Its very much launching right around the time Assassin's Creed is launching as well as Watchdogs.

This isn't any different than Activision and MS Demonstrating COD year after year at the e3 presser, then only difference is, a next gen Xbox is being unveiled, so the prime place to show off the next gen version COD is at the reveal of the Next Gen Xbox.
KaBaW  +   1009d ago
MS once paid, what, $50 million for GTA add ons?
I'm sure Acti would be okay with that plus the millions of sales.
coolmast3r  +   1010d ago
My advise to all people tired of CoD - try Battlefield 4 when it comes out, you won't regret it.
CapsLocke  +   1010d ago
How is there in the future? Obama is still a president?

I mean, how else could you know about how good Battlefield 4 if it isn't even come out.
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imXify  +   1010d ago
Uh? It will just give a small advantage to Microsoft but nothing else...
Parasyte  +   1010d ago
One game won't win a generation. Hell, 3 games won't win a generation. It takes a combination of solid titles that engage the consumers, makes them want to play the games, tell their friends about those games, which in-turn causes consoles to be bought.

One game alone will not achieve this no matter how successful it is.
#21 (Edited 1010d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GABRIEL1030  +   1010d ago
Lol! the same game and promise of every year: made in Indignity Warp !

Battlefield 3 surpasses to COD long time ago. Maybe Ghost could show something interesting but not revolutionary, because the game will be launched in older formats like 360 and PS3.

Maybe if Ghost show up a better performance than B3 (large scenarios, vehicles, amazing multiplayer) and exclusive 720 xbox, then for sure, the new xbox could have the advantage. But sincerely is COD, guys ! , 6 millions of Black Ops 2 sold in PS3 are enough to not be an exclusive and in one year Indignity Warp doesnt be able to make a game like Battlefield 3!
#22 (Edited 1010d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kingmushroom  +   1010d ago
Oh no! it might throw PS4 out of balance...LMAO
Jek_Porkins  +   1010d ago
It's a huge franchise for certain, it'll bring a lot of different types of gamer's to Microsoft's unveiling. We have to keep in mind of all the different types of gamer's that like and play COD, it's basically an institution and every single year millions of people look forward to it.

I don't think it'll win a generation, but it is a feather for Microsoft to have at their event. I'm sure Sony would have loved to have it at theirs, and all the Sony fans would be happy about, I think it's a smart business move at he very least.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1010d ago
How can it win next gen for MS if its also coming out to PC and PS4. The title should be, COD winning next gen for PC, PS4 and Xbox 720. Implying that it will win MS is like saying MS is just relying on third party games and doesn't have much first party exclusives.
vork77  +   1010d ago
i bet little kids will be buying this
GraveLord  +   1010d ago
Game is coming to PS3/360 as well. Not exactly a system seller since this is cross-gen. It's also coming to PS4 as well in case some of you don't know that.

No, kids wont' be buying this. It's Rated-M. They're parents might buy it for them though. "Kids" smoke weed and drink too. Does that make drinking and smoking a kids thing?
2pacalypsenow  +   1010d ago
COD4 MW2 and Black ops were the last good ones in that order for me i'm done after Black ops 2
Urusernamesucks  +   1010d ago
Its going to a good launch, but winning The gen is to much to relly on
Derek-Flint   1010d ago | Spam
dragonyght  +   1010d ago
any form COD exclusivity to 720 is a FPS market share lost to BF4 on the PS4. i doubt Activision will make that mistake.
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