OXCGN’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14- Review Is this the year?


"Every year we are graced with a number of EA sports titles, and every year they claim to have added and changed so much around that you probably won’t recognise it anymore.

In my experience this is usually a lie (not always, but usually).
Tiger Woods 2014 promised us a completely different golfing experience from anything we had seen before, but did it deliver?

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BadCircuit2052d ago

I'm not sure annual releases of golf games are needed?

gaminoz2052d ago

With team sports there might be a reason, but until next gen, I'm not convinced either.

DeusExer2052d ago

While I enjoy them, it's hard to get excited about yet another Tiger Woods PGA title.

bacrec12052d ago

That KungFu commercial for the game was enjoyable.

Proeliator2052d ago

I think the only one I played was 2006... because the graphics looked great then.