PSP update 3.93

Update to be released March 18th
- better PSN compatibility (AKA more PSP titles coming to the online store)
- more PSP internet radio stations

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zslash3561d ago

Check Network Update.. firmware 3.93 is already available.

JoelR3561d ago

Always nice to see them get it early.
The official release date is the 18th but as always actual release is near but not necessarily on that date.

vitz33561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I'll wait for DAX and his team to do some CFW instead.

DAX & M33 = Gods

Actually, no. I don't believe they would waste their time with this update. Not enough of a change to make it worthwhile.

Bowzabub3561d ago

But, just in case.. High Stakes Poker works on remote play now! I'll be checking for more..hopefully some BR titles work like Lair does..Nice!

Skerj3561d ago

Woo nice new popsloader. Maybe now Persona 2 won't crash the eff out during boss battles.