Jack Thompson tells me to rape a child: Advocating molestation is not cool

Jim Sterling writes:

Jack Thompson is my best friend in the whole wide world. I know some of you don't like the guy and are sick of hearing of him, so by all means go read one of our many other stories, but for those of you who love our notorious Destructoid community member, you may be shocked to learn that he encouraged me to molest a child in our last correspondence.

Excited over the score for freedom that was Manhunt 2's unbanning in the UK, I shared my joy with Mr. Thompson. As a believer in American justice, I thought he might share my satisfaction that freedom of choice had been granted in my home country. He didn't seem too fond of the idea, though.

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Dr Pepper3721d ago

That image is seriously freaky.

masterg3721d ago

I sounded more like destructoid was talking to a 5-year old blogger who think he is right no matter how stupid he sounds.

Good job destructoid.

Ghoul3721d ago

if one man belongs in jail its jacky boy

sumfood4u3721d ago

Neither is anything the comes from Jack Thompson Pedophile mouth or Ideas!

kingme713721d ago

You know Jack is going to pull an Eliot Spitzer and the whole world will discover he has a secret stash of Manhunt 2, GTA's and Mass Effect (nude version) all collector's edition hidden in his closet that he pulls out when no one is around.

Tempist3721d ago

Oops....What an irresponcible thing to say.

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