Kikizo Interview: Sega Superstars Tennis - OutRun 3 to possibly come out?

Kikzo writes: "Sumo Digital casts a Sega dream with Kikizo. Steve Lycett on working with Sega Japan, Sega fanboys and OutRun3.

Sheffield, UK-based Sumo Digital won acclaim and adoration in 2004 when it showed off its conversion of OutRun2 for the Xbox. Turning in a perfect conversion of the coin-op, this previously unheard of studio had proven its mighty technical competence and perfect handling of Sega design sensibilities in one fell swoop.

Since then, the company has worked with Sega again on home versions of Virtua Tennis and OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. And it was also to work on a Wii-specific version of Virtua Tennis as well, until Sega of Japan asked Sumo to stick some Sonic characters into the game as a bit of a bonus. Sudden it all clicked - let's put loads more Sega into this, they all thought - and Sega Superstars Tennis was born."

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