Mobile to be "primary hardware" for gaming by 2016

GI - Shifting mobile game market to hit $9 billion in 2016, says Juniper; tablets helping to drive in-app purchases.

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sherimae24131972d ago

"primary hardware in gaming"?
you gotta be kidding me. they cant even deliver games with quality and depth comparable to handhelds.. let alone to defeat consoles

they maybe booming in sales because the fact that they are still phones and necessity in our needs but solely for gaming? lol

and when was the last time i heard of this, that mobile phones will outdo handhelds, yeah i remember, its when the first ipad is released and followed by powerful smartphones...

MariaHelFutura1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Phones should just focus on being someones primary way to call and text people. Tablets for internet functions and applications for work, home and schools.

MariaHelFutura1971d ago

I'm old school, so I think consoles should focus of games aswell. It's crazy, I know.

DeadlyFire1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

What they mean is that it will be a "primary market" as everyone pretty much will have a smartphone by 2016.

Hardware will still be ages behind consoles, and computers. Will not effect console/PC game sales at all.

sherimae24131971d ago

but..but the title alone says "primary hardware" in gaming by 2016.....

Ken221972d ago

Yea and by 2016 we'll all be walking robots /s.Mobile will never over take Consoles.As long as me and millions of others keep them in business.

Viper71971d ago

Personally I'd guess the Mobile game boom will show significant decrease by 2016. Even now appstore is getting cluttered with bad games and clones of those games, and good ones are having trouble gaining any visibility due to the ever growing competition.

If Sony is open enough for indie devs and Ouya succeeds we might actually see new huge boost console games and portable gaming consoles.

paddystan1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Call me when I can play games like Zelda, Killzone, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Halo or Forza on my iPhone.

Kalowest1971d ago

That'll only happen in a Fable.

AllroundGamer1971d ago

they should primary focus on the battery technologies... i had to buy a bulky 5400mah battery for my Galaxy Note so it could last at least couple of days.

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The story is too old to be commented.