Suda51: We ran into a "wall" at publishers

GI - The Japanese designer believes he'll be able to drive better sales of his games now that he's part of GungHo Online.

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jc485731628d ago

wow, it's been awhile since Suda51 made an RPG.

Chaos_Raiden1627d ago

It is a sad thing to see that not many publishers appreciate his company's unique, eccentric and stylish games concept.

NYC_Gamer1627d ago

Its because they expect to see results after help fund the project

HiddenMission1627d ago


Problem is they haven't been given a real budget so titles have to be smaller which impacts what and how much content is put into a title.

Many publishers don't take risks so they won't allocate a real budget to a risky title. Publishers need to have faith in good developers and give them the money and time they need to make magic. If you look at Irrational Games how many times was BioShock Infinite pushed out due to fine's that kind of respect for the art that publishers need to learn so each title can really hit it's target from a quality and sales perspective.

Just my take on the subject matter though.

adorie1627d ago

To be fair, if they would stop hiring Hollywood actors and such to do voices, maybe we'd see better games, since more of the budget would actually, I don't know, go into the actual game?

Besides, it doesn't take a Hollywood actor to do a great voice. They can hire someone on the cheap and still get good results.

Mouktouk1627d ago

In my opinion, Grasshopper Manufacture is one of the only studios that understand how video games should be.

Killer7, Lollipop Chainsaw, No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned,... Their games are certainly pretty weak technically, but they are very fun and enjoyable.

Most games these days take their role too seriously, they become very generic for the sake of immersion, but they forget the most important: the experience. What matters in a video game isn't how realistic a situation feels, but the experience you have with a game, may it be graphic-wise, gameplay-wise or story-wise.

I wish they were a bigger studio so they can fill in their technical weaknesses and spread their vision through the industry.

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Venox20081627d ago

agree with you, Suda51 ftw, platinum games as well