New Battlefield 4 Screenshot Released

DICE and Electronic Arts have released a new screenshot for Battlefield 4.

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Plagasx2049d ago

How is this a new screenshot? It's basically a shot from the trailer only at a different angle...

Tatsuya 2049d ago

right you are mate, I guess they have run out of good screens to show :/

Tatsuya 2049d ago

It's already stated in the info section that it's coming for PS4 as well. When was this confirmed?

Sevir2049d ago

they go ahead and confirm the next gen versions, I mean come on, Activision and IW have already confirmed the appearance of the PS4 and Next Gen Xbox. its a given

leogets2045d ago

ages ago. ea have said that bf4 on ps4 was mind blowing and was surprised what could be achieved on latest console

Tatsuya 2045d ago

thanks guys for confirming, I am anticipating the actual preview of BF4 on the console itself. I do have high hopes for it.

KillrateOmega2049d ago

Yeah, a single screenshot... /s

Angainor72049d ago

this screenshot if you look closely it's not from the trailer guys, neither the playthrough. Same place yes, but it wasn't shown just like this on the trailers. i mean where is Don..? so actually it's a new screenshot, right before Don come's in and start blazing..

Statix2049d ago

I hate bullshots. You know, screenshots taken from dramatic angles and no HUD, and using an impossibly high-quality AA (probably supersampling from 4K resolution).

Give me a real in-game screenshot, showing the weapon in hand, and using a reasonable amount of AA/AF. That would actually be informative to me as to what kind of graphical fidelity I can reasonably expect.

Pandamobile2049d ago

If you've played the PC version of BF3, these screenshots don't look unreasonable at all.

Mrmagnumman3572048d ago

There is no such thing as a bullshot if you play on pc.

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