Tom's Hardware: Desktop VGA Charts 2007

Once again, Tom's Hardware updated the VGA charts with all of the latest cards on the market. The updated version includes a wealth of new information, as Tom's Hardware has added a large number of new graphics cards from both Nvidia and ATI.

From the Nvidia camp Tom's Hardware has benchmarked the new DirectX 10 Geforce 8800 GT in both single card and SLI configuration, as well as the midrange Geforce 8600 GTS and low-end Geforce 8400 GS turbocache edition.

On the ATI side, Tom's Hardware has added the new DirectX 10.1 Radeons 3870 and 3850, and augmented the Radeon 2900 XT results with a crossfire configuration. Tom's Hardware has also included the Radeon 2600 PRO and 2600 XT, both in single and Crossfire configurations as well. Finally, as the counterpoint for the 8400 GS turbocache, Tom's Hardware has added the Radeon 2400 Pro hypermemory edition.

While this might seem to be a large amount of information to soak in, Tom's Hardware's simple interface has proven invaluable to those who need to compare various graphics card performance in specific titles.

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