You Want GTA IV Australia? That'll Be $120, Thanks

Kotaku writes:

It's not $99.95. It's not even $109.95. No, my friends, Grand Theft Auto IV will have a recommend retail price of $119.95 in Australia. Note that while the PS3 version of the game is shown here (which seems to be a publisher favorite for inflated prices) the Xbox 360 will also cop the $120 price tag.

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TrevorPhillips3687d ago

ive already paid $120 for the 360 version :)

Harry1903687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

tough luck for the koalas....aussies then.

anyone knows why the ps3 version is cheaper?
please no broken version joke,you would only
make a fool out of yourself.

this is not for you undercover a...
it's just a 'general' question.

Danja3687d ago

idk probably beign cheaper to produce thnx to Blu Ray beign able to fit everything on one disk...

BigJeebz083687d ago

Where did you get the idea that the PS3 version is cheaper? The article said they are both $120?

Snukadaman3687d ago

In fact both versions are 119.95....BUT..the xbox version has 10 dollars off if you pre order.

Harry1903687d ago

i see where the problem is now:me

LastDance3687d ago

ive never paid full price for a game man..your getn ripd off. There's no reason why the game should be more expensive then then any other game.

The shops will buy em for 70 - 80 bucks. so you should find a better price and/or talk them down.

Watkins3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

It's not all that expensive is it?
Uncharted Drakes Fortune still costs $109 here in Sweden, while $60 in the US. I imported my copy from the UK, where I got it for $89, free shipping. Pretty odd that it's waay cheaper to import from the US than buyin it here, locally.

Watkins3687d ago

Well actually it's more expensive to import from the US, since they're adding fees and stuff. Cheapest I can get GTA IV is 98 USD

c-redz3687d ago

who would pay that much for a game. thants redonk-u-lous... i mean thats why they have ebay... just buy ur stuff off ebay!

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TrevorPhillips3687d ago

just cause your not from Australia u ignorant

Harry1903687d ago

i'm really sorry you misunderstood.
but now you just wrote something that's not even in
english.quick, i said,i did not intend to offend you.
i know very well why overall prices in kangarooland...Australia
might seem so high(exchange rate)i'm just asking why the ps3 version is cheaper.

remember,after rage comes denial.

BobDog3687d ago

aus exchange rate is like 95 us cents

so whats that 70dollars in america? so 73 dollars in australia?

Harry1903687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

it's global exchange rates.
the entire world does not revolve
entirely around the usa.pricing policies
are also different in many parts of the world
due to local idiosyncratic economic trends.
there are lots of factors leading to this.
exchange rate being one of them.

Cryxen3687d ago

American ps3 games are like $63 Australian

This is insane

Breakfast3687d ago

yea thats weird... it sucks for them

Arvynia3687d ago

And this is why i continue to import all my games from over seas for about $70 each including shipping.

Surfman3687d ago

Austalians, buy it on the net? On Ebay or Amazon? 70$ for the game and max 20$ for the shipping?

Cryxen3687d ago

The problem with that is downloadable content.

It's region locked.

May be okay for some games but not Warhawk, Resistance, Burnout, etc etc

iHEARTboobs3687d ago

Cryxen, wouldn't you be able to bypass that problem by creating an account that matches the region of the game?

Surfman3687d ago

the DLC can be done with another PSNetwork account no?

Cryxen3687d ago

No because you need a credit card compatible with that region.

Unless the content is free.

SUP3R3687d ago

Well in that case I guess you'll have to wait til' the PSN Cards are released to counter that problem.

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Peekay3687d ago

Same here in NZ. That's why i'm importing from converts to about roughly $80 NZD incl Shipping. Haven't been charged for taxes for my imports so far.

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