1991′s Super Mario World Is the Best Wii U Game Yet

“Man, remember when games were good?” said my fiancée as she waited for a blue Yoshi to eat a Starman so she could exit the level and go cheat her way through a tougher one. We were of course playing Super Mario World, a game that came out when she was 9 and I was 11.

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gamer421179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

The wiiu should have a game like that, that isn't from a previous console. I really want the next 3D mario to give me the feeling Super mario world gave me.

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Williamson1178d ago

Dont know if super mario world is "the best wii u game" but it is a fantastic game. Getting all the secret exits and unlocking star world were just awesome.

-GametimeUK-1178d ago

My fave game of all time and the game that originally got me into gaming as a kid. The wording of the headline makes it seem like an insult to wii-u line up and a way to get hits. I see it as a display of how good my childhood game actually is.

cyberninja1178d ago

If this is your favorite game of all time shouldn't you be agreeing with the title?

-GametimeUK-1178d ago

Well, I said it was my "fave" game. There is a difference between what I feel are my favourite games and the best games out. I just think the title is desperate for hits. Does anyone class it as wiiu game?

XXXL1178d ago

Snes. When Nintendo, square, capcom etc were at their best. I miss those days

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