360° The 10 Best Video Game Kills Ever

Today's ultra-violent video games make dying almost as much fun as living. Join as they lay out the foulest, nastiest, most blood-spurting video game deaths of all time.

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Homicide3723d ago

Resident Evil 4 had some of the best deaths ever like being slowly knifed by Krauser or that bug spitting acid on you, revealing your skull. Good times.

games4fun3723d ago

for the love of news can we please no longer accept top ten/ number lists of opinions

at first when some people complained i thought they were overreacting then a whole bunch of these lists popped up so much so that they seem to outnumber the real news

i know this is my opinion and maybe some of you dont mind but its starting to get on my nerves please just don't approve/pass through so many keep them scattered so they dont start to get in the way of news

Bathyj3723d ago

What real news?

The biggest news story this month is that POG and Mart are the same person. Real news has been hard to come by lately.

Amanosenpai3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I cried when Aeris got raped (heh) by sephirot...for real


LeonSKennedy4Life3722d ago

Aeris...HUGE twist!

Also, I believe The Darkness basically reincarnated that just looks better in High-def.

Both amazing games though...

dukegodtezza3722d ago

dukenukem 3d when he rips off his head and sh$#ts down his throat !!

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