VGChartz Report: Americas Sales for the Week Ending March 15, 2008

Super Smash Brothers Brawl saw its debut in the Americas Chart this week. Nintendo announced the title was the fastest selling Nintendo title ever in the USA, sales for all of the Americas show the title at near 1.6 million in one week. For reference, sales of this level put the Super Smash Brothers Brawl opening week sales at a 5:2 ratio compared to launch week sales of Super Mario Galaxy last November. Aside from the launch of Nintendo's fastest selling game ever, things were relatively quiet. Hardware sales were down slightly for all non-Nintendo platforms compared to the previous week. Despite an obvious boost from Brawl, DS, not Wii was the top selling platform this week. Considering Nintendo dried up Wii supply late last March after knowing it would meet its financial shipment goals, it is likely that Nintendo will in fact once again meet its shipment goal if it 'only' sold 127,000 Wii's this week. Microsoft seems to be facing similar issues of how to allocate units. Though the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 this week by about 10% in the Americas, Microsoft is likely making sure it has enough supply for the recent uptake in European demand due to the Xbox 360 price cut. An American company taking advantage of the weak dollar by exporting more products overseas can't hurt either. The fact that Xbox 360 is going to be the cheapest console to offer GTAIV - theoretically putting it in more demand than PS3 - has to weigh in somewhere as well. Sony is still doing good business though. The company sold over 200,000 hardware units in the Americas if you add the sales of PSP, PS2, and PS3 together for this week.

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Harry1903719d ago

to jacob mazel.the vg chatz guy with a funny face.
he looks like a hippie.

masterg3719d ago

Why is it VG keeps having 360 beating the PS3 when it has been proven wrong every time.

doodle3719d ago

This guy CYRUS and perhaps his FAKE ACCOUNT is being used to post these dubious VGCRAP numbers

x360 doesnt even exist in EUROPE/MIDDLE EAST and this VG has it selling 2/3 of what ps3 does there

STOP with this VGCRAP

ozsman3719d ago

and why don't you stop with all your crap?

(x360 doesnt even exist in EUROPE/MIDDLE EAST )?????????

Snukadaman3719d ago

dont bother too tell him too chill...He always complains when his favorite system is disparaged like this...but back in the day he was quick too post these numbers....I think he is just angry that someone posts them before him....especially now with this talk about his precious...By the way..its this guys opinion on all this nasim..its not the charts themselves...Man I hope I dont act like that when I purchase a ps3 sometime in the future.

adalwolfe3719d ago

/fanboy on

Thats it 360 won! even with blueray win and all the sony titles to come out this year 360 still outsells it 2 years after launch hahaha sony lost the console war its all over - they will never catch up to 360 or the wii, haha they are last place and always will be!

Those that chose to buy a ps3 failed
- they chose the wrong gaming machine! the machine that lost the console war!
- and those same people most likely fail at life as well - sucks to be them! make better choices!

yay 360! Owners rejoice! The war is over! We won!

/fanboy off

sry i figure since sony fans do it we should as well.. you know.. must keep things balanced an all..

xhi43719d ago

be kidding me.

why do sane people approve this crap?

oh right.........

toughNAME3719d ago

but they always get approved without question, but the second theres some positive 360, the PS3 fans all of a sudden have a problem.

Like the VG stories I submit, I approved this to keep things balanced.

toughname does not approve of double standards

Hatchetforce3719d ago

No you are wrong. Most people have an issue with VGChartz regardless of the findings. And VGFartz have erred a lot. On both sides. As a gamer that wants to know the news rather than a lie you should be on board with banning them. Otherwise your desire to have false information published puts you on the same plane as those that do not like unfavorable lies.

FirstknighT3719d ago

Sony fanboys hate vgchartz when it has positive 360 news but always approve positive ps3 news.

spandexxking3719d ago

1st knight its the same on both sides you cant deny

mikeslemonade3719d ago

I never complain when PS3 is losing i know it will get better over time and when PS3 is winning then I knew I was correct. It's the other PS3 owners who complain about estimates. In the end as long as the numbers are in the ballpark nothing else really matters.

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mighty_douche3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Moan Moan Moan... that's all these threads are.

If you don't like VGChartz then simply don't click the link or is that to hard?

Everyone knows their numbers are estimates so stop getting your knickers in a twist.

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