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Games That Get You The Most Bang For The Buck

Sick of spending $60 for a game, taking it home and beating it in one night. We are too so here is a list of games that will definitely stretch your dollar (GameStop, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

TheSuperior  +   816d ago
Its nice to stretch a buck. These are some great games. Even with the high price tag I think far cry 3 was a lot of bag for the buck because there is so much to do in the game.
BlaqMagiq24  +   814d ago
I bought it at Target when it was knocked down to $30! I have no previous experience in Far Cry games but one of my friends always told me how he loved Far Cry 2, and after the great reviews FC3 got, I had to buy it to see what the commotion is about. I have yet to play it but I will very soon.
Knight_Crawler  +   814d ago
Skyrim - 300 HRS and currently playing it :)

Best 30 I have spent.

Edit: For people thinking about buying this game, dont let the slow pace begging fool you, the games pick up when you start leveling up and discovering more places.
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jsslifelike  +   813d ago
Where's Guild Wars 2? It should be at the top of the list at $60 as it equals out to what? A nickel per hour with no monthly commitment!?
kreate  +   813d ago
THESHAUNZY  +   816d ago
Arkham City!!!
ApolloTheBoss  +   815d ago
Played every one if those (except Dead Rising) and they are all worth the money.
MariaHelFutura  +   815d ago
Dead Rising for the 360 is an amazing game. I love that game.
Wagz22  +   815d ago
Good call on Red Faction: Guerilla, I loved that game just for the open world and physics alone. Being able to destory a building with just a sledgehammer is so much fun lol
GameReviewGuy  +   814d ago
Can anyone think of any others to add to the list?
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Kalowest  +   814d ago
Soul Sacrifice
Disgaea Series
Monter Hunter Series
Assassin's Creed series
BlazBlue Series
All Atlus games
Lost Odyssey
etc, etc, etc, etc...
TechnicianTed  +   813d ago
X3:The Reunion, and its expansions. Tons and tons of stuff to do. Also worth mentioning Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, cheap games with so much quality and content they put a lot of full price games to shame.
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trippyaaron  +   813d ago
Just Cause 2
Grand Theft Auto
LittleBigPlanet 1 + 2
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Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   814d ago
Persona 3 and 4 would have done well on this list.
mendelboaz  +   814d ago
Dark Souls, anyone? Got 62 hours on it, and I only just arrived in Anor Londo on my first playthrough.
GameReviewGuy  +   814d ago
I agree with you. Now out of those 62 hours I would've played the game, I would've wasted about 40 hours collecting lots of souls and then dying and loosing them all. Son of a bitc... Lol
mendelboaz  +   814d ago
That, right there, is the beauty of Dark Souls. Trial and error, depth and rewardment, blood, sweat and tears.
Tultras  +   813d ago
Dark souls is BY FAR the best game this generation, for me.

No game has shit on this, and I'm a primarily FPS fan.
weekev15  +   814d ago
the Rayman challenge app... I have played the hell out of that since it came out and it was free. Literally no idea where the last week and a half went.
THESHAUNZY  +   814d ago
I can't wait for the next fallout game... anyone else?
GameReviewGuy  +   814d ago
THE #1 Game I am looking forward to on the next gen consoles. I really hope they are working on it now. That and Metal Gear Solid 5 :)
That-Guy  +   813d ago
I'll be looking out for that and Witcher 3.
Dark_Overlord  +   814d ago
Jetpack Joyride :D

Infinite value lol
Oh_Yeah  +   814d ago
Pretty much any western rpgs...elder scrolls and the fallout series have by far the biggest bang for your buck this gen.
corrupted_sharingan  +   814d ago
I don't regret a single bit buying Skyrim,Fallout 3,New Vegas and Dragon's dogma, it gave me so much more than what i paid for it
TheOneEyedHound  +   814d ago
RuneScape - over 4000 hours [Spent 80$ for Membership, game is free]

MGO2 - 1143 HOURS + MGS4 38 hours = 1181 HOURS [90$]

Resistance Fall of Man - Over 500 hours [60$]

Fallout 3 - 252 HOURS [60$]

MGSCollection - Peace Walker 90 hours/MGS3 35 HOURS/MGS2 27HOURS = 152 hours[35$]

Demon Souls - over 200 HOURS [40$]

Skyrim - 186 Hours [60$]

Oblivion - 177 HOURS [30$]

COD4 - OVER 100 HOURS [60$]

Those are my longest played games.
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DS36  +   814d ago
This is one of the reasons why I love Bethesda games, and have no problems buying their work at full price.
SlyGuy  +   813d ago
Guild Wars 2
Simcity 2000
Mount and Blade: Warband
Picnic  +   813d ago
Given that I rarely take the time to finish any game that isn't an indie one, it's irrelevant to me which might provide the best 'value for money'. If anything, I prefer my games to bee relatively short. Anything over 25 hours is certainly overkill for me.

Oh and since these are all FREE, or have been free, on Playstation Plus I think you'll find that they are the best value for money. And no matter what their length surely it matters more to fell a compulsion to come back to a game, giving more and more gaming hours, no matter how short it is, like Motorstorm Apocalypse, than the intrinsic length of the game. Plus what percentage you would give the game in a review is one of the most significant affecters of its value for money to you. I can feel slightly ripped off of mere time if I a critically acclaimed game is free but I don't like it.

So overall this article is pointless. It's like having an article saying that a supermarket offers more value for money than an art gallery because the supermarket might give you longer to look at their produce.

Free Playstation Plus games:

Bioshock 2
Infamous series
Various Assassin Creeds
Motorstorm Apocalypse
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taquito  +   813d ago
the witcher 1
guild wars 2
baldurs gate 2 shadow of amn
fallout 1 and 2
fallout 3 and vegas
icewind dale series
neverwinter nights series
starcraft series
dark/demons souls
dragons dogma
kupomogli  +   813d ago
The reasoning behind the article is fine but it fails on some parts of the article. When speaking on a game that gives you the most for your money, it's a bit unfair saying, "I waited and got this game for $2.99" and factor that into the price divided by playtime. You can wait until literally any game drops in price. He mentioned the $60 price tag so every game should have been divided by that, or atleast their full MSRP since a lot of games don't start at $60.
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despair  +   813d ago
disgaea, rainbow moon, ni no kuni, demon/dark souls, any good MP game(racing, shooting etc), any good FTP MMO..off the top of my head.
kupomogli  +   813d ago
I think these were were worth more than the asking price though.

Batman Arkham City
Just Cause 2
The Saboteur
Oblivion(never played Skyrim.)
Grand Theft Auto 4 Complete
Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition
Yakuza series
Super Meat Boy
Torchlight 2
Guild Wars
Dragon Warrior 7
Most JRPGs

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