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Nintendo censors Tharja in North American version of Fire Emblem DLC scene

ere’s a new piece of downloadable content up for purchase in Fire Emblem: Awakening today in North America known as “Summer Scramble”. For the US release, Nintendo decided to censor one particular moment of a CG scene involving Tharja. (3DS, Fire Emblem: Awakening)

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jc48573  +   760d ago
i don't see how that really helps....
Pozzle  +   759d ago
If anything, it makes it more risque. The censor makes it look like she isn't wearing any underwear at all. lol
Snookies12  +   759d ago
Oh, in that case, good going Nintendo lol. I absolutely HATE censoring of original work. In my mind, it's one of the worst things you can do to any form of media. It disrespects the creator's original intentions. No matter if they're censoring nudity or just a simple word on a picture in the background. Small or big, censoring shouldn't happen period.
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ShinMaster  +   759d ago
They've censored several things in the past including blood, gave everyone a baby voice in Mario Galaxy 2 including Yoshi and now this.
Come on, the game is rated "T" not "E".

This is one of the reasons Nintendo has a hard time shedding the "kiddie" image. They bring that criticism upon themselves by doing things like this. Especially Nintendo of America. Are they trying to embrace the core and gamers of all ages, or not? -_-
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Myst  +   760d ago
That looks rather..cheap :/
zerocrossing  +   759d ago
Why censor it at all?... -_-
Agent_hitman   759d ago | Bad language | show
Baka-akaB  +   759d ago
LOl Nintendo , you've just made it more "erotic" by making it harder to see .

That aside , as a paid content , you should at least propose PG and adult version of those dlc for the customer to choose , instead of forcing their hands
Redempteur  +   759d ago
Censoring sucks ( as a basic rule ) and in this case it's worse since it doesn't help in any way.

This just show how long he road nintendo has to follow to be taken seriouslyby others
zerocrossing  +   759d ago
It's not just Nintendo, pretty much every pub/dev is doing it and they are missing the point entirely...

Censor content that's inappropriate for children but still make it available in it's original form for those who are of age, I hate this PC crazed world we live in...
Inception  +   759d ago
I hope this is not the side effect from that kotaku BS article about Dragon's Crown -_-

But after looking at this, maybe Atlus will censor Dragon's Crown too in the west. Hopefully not :(
Snarkasaur  +   759d ago
Yeah this is troubling. As pathetic as I find shoving these meaningful characters into bikinis and over sexualizing them, I think censoring might be worse. But, I'm a librarian. Any censoring flips automatic switches in me.
kagon01  +   759d ago
If Atlus does the same to Dragon's Crown then it won't be worth buying.

On topic, it seems Nintendo of America still wants to stay kiddy just like the ancient days Nes and Snes, what a pity...
Inception  +   756d ago
If Atlus censor Dragon's Crown, i still buy it though. I want to support Vanillaware and great game is still a great game even they put some censorship on the game.
ninjahunter  +   759d ago
Eh fan service is fan service, take it or leave it. Personally ile take it :D yea yea yea, shame on me for enjoying such things. Despite what people say, characters dont always diminish due to things like this. Its when characters are made for this that makes poor characters. Well its my 2 bits, eye of the beholder n' such.
Tonester925  +   759d ago
Totally a Japanese DLC
Jirachi  +   759d ago
dat a**
hano  +   758d ago
It really doesn't make sense...

I guess they're afraid of some of the retarded reaction in the US.
virtualjudgement  +   751d ago
The game deals with war, mass murder, genocide, the dark arts, gynophobia, and Nintendo's worried about this?
Geez, you'd think she's naked from the waist down lol

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