Opinion: If Gaming is Ruining Your Relationship, You Lose

Yahoo! News recently published an article showcasing how couples who are in trouble of breaking up because of video games can save their relationships. Binge Gamer's Allison B. responds to this article by reminding everyone of one simple fact:

"If your relationship is failing because of video games, it is YOUR fault."

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Bleucrunch3750d ago

If your spouse cant accept the fact that your a gamer then he/she needs to get over it or kill the relationship and you in turn can find someone that has those same interest in gaming as you do.

Kholinar3750d ago

...and they probably will.

Like it or not, a lot (notice I'm not saying all or even most) of the more hardcore gamers will have a hard transition from single life to marriage. It often seems like there's less and less time for everything.

I go to work early, come home at six. My wife has classes some nights, but even our off nights consist of come home, talk for a bit, eat dinner, and it's already 7:00-7:30. We can talk for hours and we find ourselves really strategizing to fit in something fun and enough time to keep communications flowing efficiently. Gaming for 2 or 3 hours each night will never fit into that.

Sometimes it's just a matter of finding someone more compatible to your interests. But sometimes it's also about evaluating your priorities and sensitivity. In the end, they're just games.

cr33ping_death3750d ago

its easy to say that when youre single....... i used to say " the girl im with has to love my interests in games or else forget it" now i have a girl and im not leaving her for games. when youre with some one and the topic comes up "if" you truely love that person its hard to stick to your guns and not care about that other persons feelings. all you have to do is even out your playing time and spending time with her/ him.

avacadosnorkel3750d ago

We all know how upset an obsessive gamer gets when their system dies. A non-gaming person won't understand the mood swings. So the best advice is to buy a PS3.

On top of that, the online and wi-fi are free - so you'll have extra cash to take your partner out.

iAmPS33750d ago

It all depends on your partner, some girls have no hobbies or interests that demands a lot of their time, all they want is spend time "by" your side.

My wife is a very independent woman and she has her own things to keep her busy, although we both have a busy schedule we manage to make time for ourselves and still enjoy our hobbies separately and sometimes together.

I think the point is: balance, have time for everything in your life and you will achieve a lot more and be a lot more happy.

BTW, stay away from MMOs =D

BLuKhaos3750d ago

Heres what I have to say to the both of you.........BUBBLEZ!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

BeaArthur3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

If you are willing to sacrifice a relationship for a video game you are a complete loser. My girl friend occasionally gets bitter and may even think I play too much but I always make time to spend with her. The article is pretty funny though.

Tempist3750d ago

Awwww this is nothing new. Everquest was responsible for divorces back in it's time.

I do like how this is from a female point of view on the subject. There's the off chance a guy would have just agreed with the list.

Sayai jin3750d ago

Nope. I have a wife and 4 children. You hve to have balance in your life. Thats all.

I do know a guy who everyone on XBL was saying his wife is leaving him becuase he played Gears or War too much and guess what it was true and he was still on XBL the very same night that she left him. You can call him a loser or highly dedicated. LOL

Seriously, live in reality, do not let life pass you by. I have been gaming 26 years. I have enjoyed almost every console and a good percentge of games, but not to the point where I missed out on being a kid and playing outside, sports, high school, college, family, etc.

StarieMichie3750d ago

My boyfriend loves that I play games. Sometimes he does get pissy though when I'm playing them too late at night, and he wants to sleep.

The joke I always tell him though is that if it's between him and my PS3, that he'd be gone in a heartbeat. :p

BeaArthur3750d ago

Ouch, do you have any idea what would happen to a guy if they said that.

littletad3750d ago

I'm long over due for a nap.

StarieMichie3750d ago

I'm really not as bad as you guys think I am!

Besides, my boyfriend is into classic games, and we joke about Ms. Pac-man being "the other woman". We're very light hearted about games and our relationship.

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