Is iPhone the future of cell-phone gaming?

Last week, Apple got into the mobile-game business.

The company, which projects it will sell 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008, is trying to make it easier for third-party developers to make cool stuff for the sleek, sexy devices. More cool stuff, more phones sold. And a key part of that effort, it seems, is games.

That's all very cool - and certainly exciting for a sector of the game industry that's not exactly setting the world on fire. Despite the fact that everyone has a cell phone, only a small percentage of users have actually bought a cell-phone game. Can the iPhone change all that?

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jinn3719d ago

not now, not tomorrow, never

Kholinar3719d ago

these are always great questions.

Will Pluto be sucked up by a Black Hole tomorrow? Ever?

Stupid headlines.

Anyway, Apple does have one good advantage... iTunes. A relatively tech-phobic user (from their computer) only has to hear that there's a neat app or game, click itunes, click a link and they're looking directly at games/apps. Or just click App Store directly on their iPhone/Touch and there they are.

Google needs a central repository with single button access on Android. You can bet they'll have it, because otherwise the Apple platform becomes far more powerful from a mindshare standpoint.

In this way, Apple does change the industry, because mobile carriers will either have to adopt a Android repository solution or design their own store that works as smoothly as Apple/Google.

It's a good thing for all cell phone users.