Are We Entering A New Golden Age For Survival-Horror?

With countless indie chillers heading our way this year and growing signs that mainstream gaming may be following suit, Mark Butler asks whether we’re about to enter a new golden age for the criminally-neglected survival-horror genre.

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ATi_Elite2048d ago

YES....Once Amnesia A Machine For Pigs releases.

zerocrossing2048d ago

And The Evil within! mustn't forget that one ;)

Linsolv2048d ago

I'm keeping my distance on The Evil Within until it comes out and we can judge for ourselves. The trailer looks like shit and I don't know why nobody is noticing. Literally nothing occurs in it that isn't cliched, and nothing occurs that indicates anything about gameplay.

Shots, in order:

- Record player, establishing diegetic music--slow classical, cribbing notes on the thousands of films and trailers that took the idea from 2001.

- A hospital, the most cliched horror location ever. Scary images flash, different floor now.

- Shot of a door in the new floor, looks like a
basement. An arm pops out, we get a non-diegetic scream completely breaking the effect the record player shot tried to set.

- Music change to something more creepy.

- Prototypical industrial horror music.

- Spooky tools, often used for torture in gorn films! AND A HAND! Spooky.

- More shots of this tool person, where we get: Slow moving fans, barbed wire.

- Interlaced are scenes of a big guy that looks like Kane in See No Evil. Only now he's got glass all over him for some reason.

- Now we see he's got this hilarious cage on his face like it's Thirteen Ghosts, with a comically large hammer with a head that's big and flat like a meat tenderizer. Probably, it's not as dangerous as it looks in real life because you're distributing the force SO widely. But it's big so it must hurt right?

- As an update, guy with tools continues to make barbed wire. Barbed wire is still cool, right? It wasn't totally 90s?

- Shot upwards at a window. As we watch, tentacles or maybe spider legs reach out of the shadows. Spooooky.

- Now we see the shadow of this hell-creature: IT'S A SPIDER PERSON. I'm so glad we built up the terror of this in a 1-second shot only to have it ruined seconds later by seeing the stupidest silhouette ever.

- Now we see it in earnest outside the window, crawling on the walls. We already established it looks like a spider person, I don't know why this should be surprising.

- Back to the hospital. Apparently these shots all might be occurring in the same building because Kane's down there with his clown hammer.

- We get a quick shot of another muscle-bound guy, who seems to have some sort of other thing. Possibly he's the glass guy.

- Barbed wire guy cuts his thumb and it goes onto a drawn picture of a woman who I can only assume was his mother in her youth. Because barbed wire will cut you sometimes, if you take zero safety precautions.

- Now there's no blood! OH NOOOOOOO. Hellraiser?

- Quick reminder shots of every creepy thing we've seen so far.

- Now bones and bodies wrapped very loosely in barbed wire.

- Wait the blood's back, he's wiping it away. Makes sense, right?

- There's been a creature coming out of a blood pile for a few minutes now. IT'S SPIDER-WOMAN.

- Once again, shots to remind everyone we've introduced 4 creepy people and aren't they creepy. An arm reaching through an arm-sized hole, Glenn Jacobs covered in glass, Glenn Jacobs with a safe for a head, and a spider woman who comes out of blood and crawls on walls.

I realize that overanalyzing anything can make it seem a lot less interesting, but the first time I saw this I thought "there doesn't seem to be anything interesting happening in this trailer." I don't know why people are looking forward to this other than the name attached to it.

Linsolv2048d ago

Follow up: I don't mind disagrees. I say some pretty controversial shit sometimes. But at least follow-up comment, folks. I'd love to hear why--and this is important--OTHER than Shinji Mikami being attached, you think that the trailer is anything other than a bunch of horror tropes back to back.

2048d ago
pompombrum2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

It doesn't stop at survival horror imho, I think we are going to reach a golden age for smaller studios in general. Thanks to stuff like kickstarter and Steam's early access thing, it's getting a lot easier for independent studios to make their creative ideas a reality.

With the increasing costs of AAA titles, the big games are taking less and less risks and I'm so glad there are smaller games picking up the pieces and offering niche gamers a place to go.

After playing Chivalry and Loadout, for me I see my gaming future relying more and more on these independent studios. This weekend I plan on buying Insurgency, loved the HL2 mod and miss the real tactical FPS shooters.

specialagent45322048d ago

Asylum looks very promising and is from the creators of scratchers. Among the sleep needs funding and support at the moment it will be great if everyone funded this game.