Analyzing the Final Fantasy Playstation 4 game that will be announced at E3 2013

Bubblews: "During the Playstation Meeting, Square Enix announced they will be announcing a new Final Fantasy video game for the Playstation 4 at E3 2013. So what exactly will they be showing off? The possibilities include a familiar title to a complete new game."

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SlasherXI1682d ago

Did they really say "A new Final Fantasy?".
They will announce Lightning Returns for the PS4 and then everyone will be happy *sarcasm.
Sorry but I had it with SquareEnix.

animegamingnerd1682d ago

oh god knowing square enix that is exactly what they will do

TopDudeMan1682d ago

Aww, please no. The final fantasy XIII saga CANNOT be allowed to bridge 2 generations. They have to put it behind them and acknowledge that last gen was a dark time for them and move on to something new.

Pyrrhus1682d ago

Agreed. They need to be done with the number 13. Make Versus into 15 and move on.

Asuka1682d ago

They did say a "new" FF would be announced. But even still "new" can mean anything. They could simply rebrand an already announced game and call it "new". For example, ffVsxiii could be rebranded as ff15. They could even rebrand lightning returns as something different and call it a "new" ff for ps4. Hell, it may be something entirely "new" all together!?

Chrono1682d ago

No Hashimoto didn't use the word "new" at all. Here's the clip:

Biohazard88601682d ago

They need to finish Versus 13 already smh -_-

Irishguy951682d ago

VGleaks says it is Versus 13, and Sony are also helping S-E with it.

taquito1682d ago

final fantasy vaporware

Tatsuya 1682d ago

If they do announce lightning returns for PS4 at that god damn huge event and to say, I quote "Please be excited for E3" *facepalm

That is the last straw I can take from Square, all the waiting I've done for versus and the respect I have for them is just going to die.

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The story is too old to be commented.