European / Others Estimated Hardware Charts for Week Ending March 15th, 2008

VGChartz estimates that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending March 15th, 2008 was as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)

Total Hardware:

DSL: 136,763 (142,651)
Wii: 92,100 (70,700)
PS3: 71,295 (73,863)
360: 51,324 (42,330)
PSP: 46,869 (48,445)
PS2: 39,832 (38,738)

UK Total:

DSL: 31,859 (33,332)
Wii: 31,785 (18,900)
PS3: 19,786 (21,158)
360: 19,545 (16,224)
PSP: 7,446 (7,953)
PS2: 6,263 (6,378)

France Total:

DSL: 23,811 (25,079)
Wii: 23,070 (18,875)
PS3: 10,390 (11,192)
PSP: 5,669 (6,169)
PS2: 4,543 (3,943)
360: 3,391 (2,683)

Spain Total:

PS3: 13,042 (13,457)
DSL: 12,339 (13,569)
Wii: 7,691 (7,714)
PSP: 7,517 (7,155)
PS2: 5,734 (5,906)
360: 2,011 (1,478)

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Asurastrike3747d ago

"European / Others Estimated Hardware Charts for Week Ending March 15th, 2008"

Estimated being the operative word.

sonarus3747d ago

lol what is this "other" region that microsoft always manages to outsell the ps3 with??. Msoft saw an increase that week of about 2000 units which is strange considering sales don't usually go up once a price drop is announced. They go up after the price drop is initiated

Danja3747d ago

im guessing other probably means..

Australia....just a guess..

Cyrus3653747d ago

Sonarus, I thought the price cuts went into effect last friday? I could be wrong though....

Breakfast3747d ago

Maybe Antarctica? lol

@ Cyrus
please keep these charts posted to a minumum

sonarus3747d ago

yea it did but since this chart is till the 15th, it gathers sales data for only 2 days. Actually didn't think that through to well lol yea i guess the +2000 is logical. Would have expected a bigger boost though. However for all we know sales fell drastically during the week and most of the 50,000 could be from 13th and 14th.

@Danja no Australia isn't other and PS3 outsells 360 in other as well. PS3 outsells 360 in every market except for "other". lol which in my opinion is a little suspicious

Cyrus3653747d ago

BTW other region isn't just the middle east or I mean it could be, but it includes India for example...and I believe various spots in Africa, which ones I'm not sure.

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TheExecutive3747d ago

it has been consistantly shown that vgcharts overestimates certain numbers and underestimates others. Frankly i am sick of vgcharts.

jackdoe3747d ago

They used to overestimate 360 number while underestimating PS3 numbers in the US. Not sure whether that has changed.

Blasphemy3747d ago

I used to post their numbers on gamespot all the time but after they got last months numbers so wrong for the 1,000th time I just stopped. They are way off every month I don't know where they get their numbers from. Like you said they over estimate 360s numbers every single month while underestimating PS3s at the same time. You would think after the first few times they would get a clue.

doodle3747d ago

My god

However people please be informed that ALL THESE are FALSE figures

for instance in OTHER region ( Midddle east x360 doesnt exist ). However
VGCRAP puts x360 above competition there LOL

as for EU sales --x360 hasnt reached 5 million consoles SOLD. On the other hand PS3 is already over 5 m there

In UK too x360 hasnt reached 1.5 m SOLD.

Please ignore VGCRAP -- a site that deflates x360 sales (overestimated x360 sales by 180 k for Jan + feb. they havent still fixed those numbers.

also they downgraded PS3 sales by 130k at the same time.

All VG's EU charts are wrong. In essence x360 cant even sell 30k units in the whole of EU

PS3 also matched x360's SW sales last month in UK ( 19.6 vs 19.9)

X360 is slightly ahead of PS3 's LTD in UK. However expect console war to come to an end on MARCH 28th in EU ( atleast for x360 )

eagle213747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

At least they are giving the #1 Spain Console: The Playstation 3 it's due.

Life to date;

Playstation 3: about 741,000 debuted on March 23, 2007
Wii: about 563,000 debuted Nov. 2006
360: about 273,000 debuted in fall 2005=pwned.

Homicide3747d ago

After a 360 price cut, it still couldn't outsell the PS3. Well the 360 is dead in others. Two down, one to go.

cheetah3747d ago

Take those numbers with a huge grain of salt. Either way, the news is not good for MS and their rabid bunch of gun crazy hick fans. lol

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