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wAtdaFck3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Uh...yeah. Home?

Is this like a TV advert?

wow4u3687d ago

Yes. The Sony Fanboys on N4G have actually started to approve television ads for the PS3.

chaosatom3333687d ago

lol, you gave me good chuckle.
If you are sick of sony fanboys now, then you should probably leave n4g and never come back again. lol.
me<----- sony fanboy

JoelR3687d ago

Very kooky, very cool, and definitely new style vs. the old advertising campaign though related to it by feel.

chaosatom3333687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

dude if this isn't made for japanese, I don't know who its made for.

CrazedFiend3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

I'd say European.

Why would I say that? Avoidance of actually showing anything PS3 related.

I've had my Playstation since launch and I have yet to blow up any suitcases full of money, or quote bad poetry on the toilet, or even throw a dog in the washing machine. And I doubt seriously that anything on PSN will ever make pictures sprout up all over my walls.

Sorry, but here in Japan they put games in their commercials (except 4 maybe Xbox...hmmm...). And in America, well, have you seen the "Ladies and Gentlemen" commecials? While yes, they are DEFINITELY American, they DO make me want to buy a Playstation.

"This is Living"??? Hell, if I didn't already know what the Playstation was, I STILL wouldn't know what it does.

I'm not taking a stab at Europeans or anything, I just HONESTLY believe that Sony Europe chose the wrong ad agency to do their campaign. I know the PS3 is selling over there, but I just wonder exactly how many Europeans out there actually bought their PS3's because of a "This is Living" ad.

Sure these kooky ads can be entertaining and all, but I'm just curious. If any of you out there would honestly lay down the cash for a PS3 because of an ad like this, please reply. Please help me understand where the hook is.

Vitalogy3687d ago

I totaly agree with CrazedFiend, i mean, i'm european (Portuguese) and the ads for PS3 (and PSP too) here sucks. In fact, they really suck since the ads for PS2.

I remember when i got my PS2, and i got it 'cause this friend of mine take me to his home and i've played all day long, and got addicted. Not for the ads, it was really lame that time as it is today.

I can't understand why SONY spend so many millions on the ads that don't cause that much impact that they should.

WIIIS13687d ago

I get it, this is news of a Sony advertisement.

whoelse3687d ago

This has also been uploaded before. Something should be done to this site so we don't keep seeing the same news over and over again, just with a different title and choice of words.