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Submitted by jagiii 1009d ago | opinion piece

How Call Of Duty Keeps Us Coming Back

Infinity Ward has officially announced Call of Duty: Ghosts with a release date of November 5th on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and next gen consoles. If you are anything like me, you’re a bit skeptical on buying it. Let’s take a look at how Call of Duty has pulled us in. (Spoilers below) (Activision, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward, PS3, Treyarch, Wii, Xbox 360)

gamerlive  +   1009d ago
Activision is definitely doing something right when it comes to COD.
Majin-vegeta  +   1009d ago
1,Heavy aim assist.
3.Punish good players and reward bad players.
Pretty much that's why.
-GametimeUK-  +   1009d ago
Punish good players and reward bad ones? Clearly you have never played CoD. Good consistent players always bring in high scores.
xHeavYx  +   1009d ago
I'm a PS3 user, I never bought and I will never buy that POS game. I can't believe PS users still buy it, year after year, even if it's a POS version
-GametimeUK-  +   1009d ago
That they are. I was a fan until MW3. I hated MW3, but supported Blops2 because of Treyarch. Unfortunately I didn't like that game either. Black Ops1 will forever be my best CoD and I don't think it will ever be topped by any other CoD game. I will not buy Ghosts, that's for sure. Dark Souls 2 is where I am spending all my time since Dark Souls is my best game of the generation.
trenso1  +   1009d ago
to your above comment, you're saying death streaks dont award bad players? Like in MW2 the painkiller. why should i have to use more ammo to kill the idiot that died 5 times cause he can't aim.
-GametimeUK-  +   1009d ago
Painkiller sucks, but are you telling me that is more of an award than being good and dropping game ending nukes or getting chopper gunner consistently? Nah, didn't think so.
KwietStorm  +   1009d ago
Well of course they are. They've made predictability and preying on the complacent look like a science.
CJRearick  +   1009d ago
Call of duty will also be something I preorder.
YoureINMYWay85  +   1009d ago
Meh.....Its been Done *Pulls head back in car and drives off
cyguration  +   1009d ago
First few comments seem to be from viral marketers. Nice to know how publishers and gaming press they pimp are keeping the hype train running like a well-oiled machine.

Keep it up guys, I at least am made well aware of what products to avoid. ;)
Evil_Ryu  +   1009d ago
They better take out ghost/assassin
Jek_Porkins  +   1009d ago
I think it has to do with a game that people can play an entire year, and the community will still be thriving. So often you buy a game and the community abandons it within 8 weeks. I haven't liked all the COD games, but they offer some blockbuster single player campaigns and have on occasion offered a fun multiplayer aspect.

That is a pretty good formula.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1009d ago

I don't play CoD or any FPS games anymore but when I did, MW2 lasted a good year of constantly playing almost everyday. Lasted all the way until Black Ops came. Most games die off after a couple of months in terms of online multiplayer but CoD certainly doesn't.
CJRearick  +   1009d ago
My question is can this game top the success of black ops2
Oh_Yeah  +   1009d ago
Keeps who coming back? I bought the first this gen, cod 4, right? Well I played the next and it was on the same ass engine, the same exact game just re skinned, so we're the rest..I didn't buy another one. This is not a game with enough depth or variety in it to do something like that imo and still get did it is my question? Haha, I'm glad the new one is going to be on a new engine finally.
CJRearick  +   1009d ago
I feel the same way. The new engine may be a great aspect and may reinspire my love for cod. Not sure yet though.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   1009d ago
Call of Duty is coming out on every system. Even the 3DS will get a sloppy port of CoD Ghosty. Vita will get classified.So it'll be on XB360/720, PS3/PS4,Wii U, PC,PSV and 3DS.

3DS version just came out of my ass.
StreetsofRage  +   1009d ago
Simple. Because it's fun. Just plain mindless fun. Sometimes I feel like COD, other times I feel like Battlefield or Halo. They all have their place.
Salooh  +   1009d ago
Yes. That was 4 years ago for me though xD. I hated black ops but i played it for a long time. Then they released Mw3 and i only played it for 2 or 3 weeks. And then we got black ops 2 which i only played it for less then a week. It's only getting worst. It's not fun any more for me. It does reward bad players with that gameplay. Trust me i'm a good player on all games. I even killed more then 60 people in TDM a lot so i know what i'm talking about. I loved it before but now i'm starting to really really hate it. I really never expected to stop playing call of duty but sadly i did..

Even though ghosts will have a new engine i still don't feel anything good toward it because of it's history. I will have to buy it by force xD. So i'm gonna judge it when i play it..
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Themba76  +   1009d ago
I never feel like cod always BF for me
Nigel_kilby  +   1009d ago
I agree completely
nohopeinc  +   1009d ago
Casino effect is a big factor, you are constantly rewarded for doing something, it doesn't slow down until way late in the 1 year cycle after you have done a lot of stuff.

60 FPS
Anyone can play it.
Bad players have fun.
Good players have fun.
ohcatrina  +   1009d ago
COD bores the crud out of me, and Ghosts looks like it'll be just as boring. Flame away, I'll be over here playing games that weren't literally crapped out.
Tales RPG addict  +   1009d ago
I agree, now can the FPS Oversaturation END.
mcstorm  +   1009d ago
I got bo2 for my Wiiu as I wanted to see how a fps game worked on the controller and I am very impressed with the mp. This is my 1st cod game since mw4 and even though the sp was not good the mp is fun for a quick 30 to 60 mins when I don't have time to get into a game for a few hours.

I can see why alto of people buy it each year. Its like fifa in that way.

I will not be getting the next one as it will be bf for me that's if I decided to pickup another fps game this year as I do think im stating to want other bores at the moment and I think the WiiU and 3ds are going to offer me that this year with some of the games I've seen so far.

I expect the next cod to do very well again though as its deco been the game most people want as it seems to hit the right buttons for every type of gamer.
KillrateOmega  +   1009d ago
How Call Of Duty Keeps Us Coming Back
Every player is rewarded (good or bad) and the game is fast, mindless fun. Anyone can play it.

Now, whether or not it's your cup of tea is another matter entirely, but it IS a successful formula; albeit one that doesn't produce much innovation.
jay2  +   1009d ago
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... .Sheep buy a game to have to pay £30 again to play it all............Sheep pay £10-15 more a year for a standard edition from all the others SE out there.............Sheep let more game devs make generic games and don't let them explore because people won't by new things 9/10 times...................

Here we go, cod fans don't like the truth so give me a disagree,
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Tales RPG addict   1009d ago | Immature | show
Tales RPG addict  +   1009d ago
COD MP may be fun to many, but to gamers like me it gets boring fast. Especially when all you hear from your friends yearly is COD and how excited they are for it.

COD fans are blind sheep not to mention idiots. I've got better games to play than Shitavision's COD. The Video Game industry needs to stop OVERSATURATING the market with FPS.
COD Fatigue is only beginning and all you who bought every game if you aren't tired of it. You are stupidly ignorant and if you think COD has the best video game endings go play some old games.

EX: "XenoGears, Chrono Trigger, FFVI, Secret Of Mana , Zelda ALTTP, Zelda Ocarina of Time, FFIX, the Legend of Dragoon, Kingdom Hearts, and more than aren't COD.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   1009d ago
Sheep will not know what the hell CoD is cause they are to busy running from humans.
mochachino  +   1009d ago
All I know is that the most popular game in one-gen is never the most popular game in the next.
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ACESupERIC  +   1009d ago
I for one am pretty stoked for the new COD. Cant wait to see what the new engine is capable of. And to all you COD haters, why are you even on a discussion about it if you hate it so much?
Hicken  +   1009d ago
Everybody didn't always hate it. You'll notice most of the comments are from people who used to enjoy the franchise. I'm one of them.

I'm not enthused about a new engine anymore. Not until I see it on consoles and in action, anyway: they spent FAR too long using this last engine. The singleplayer campaign has only gotten worse, it seems, and the same could be said for the majority of the multiplayer aspect.

To be honest, I would really like to see the next game be a big improvement for the franchise. At the same time, though, my hopes aren't up, seeing how they've done this generation.
creHEARTive  +   1009d ago
COD never seems to catch my intrest.
ACESupERIC  +   1009d ago
Why the disagrees? Is it because I'm exited to see what they'll do with a new engine? Or is it because I called out the haters? Please elaborate. Thats what these discussions are for right? Or is it for people like tales to rant and rave and call everyone who likes cod"stupidly ignorant"? Well let me rant a little bit then. F-U to all you F@#&ING hypocrites who talk so much s#@&t about cod but click on every story about it just so you can tell people how stupid they are for liking something other than what your small minded asses don't. Who the f@&! K are you to tell me and the cod community what we should or shouldn't find fun? Go f@&k yourselves! Meanwhile, ill be enjoying myself playing cod and patiently waiting for the new one.
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ACESupERIC  +   1009d ago
Your ok hicken. Reasonable answer. Don't necessarily agree with your single llayer opinion but to each his own. F the rest of yall. Specially tales addict. If your tired of fps games then don't play them. Nobodys making you play anything you don't want to but you sound like the type of person who wishes every game was suited to your tastes. Sonic tales rpg?!?! What a f@&#$ ing joke. Just like you! Chump
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