Trevor Is The Reason You Will Buy GTA V

CheatCC says: "I don't get attached to Grand Theft Auto protagonists. I'll admit to a passing fondness for CJ from San Andreas, because he was pretty cool, but I don't remember the antiheroes from Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, or Chinatown Wars, even though I played all three. In fact, I remember skipping Grand Theft Auto IV because Niko rubbed me the wrong way."

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Kal8532053d ago

He does leave an impression.

Conzul2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

yeh but he's 2nd for me. Prefer Michael. We all have an inner Michael and an inner Trevor IMO.

Yi-Long2053d ago

... the huge sand-box world and freedom and fun this GTA promises to deliver, is THE reason I'll be buying this game!!!

xPhearR3dx2053d ago

I usually really dislike rednecks/hillbillies w/e you'd like to call them, but Trevor does leave a very powerful impression. I personally like Franklin the best. The gang stuff suits GTA perfectly, but he also had the best quote: "I have respect for reality".

LOGICWINS2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Franklin actually seems like the most down to earth character, which is ironic considering he's the "gangsta" of the group.

Each character represents something.

Franklin, typical GTA protagonist that wants to go from rags to riches.

Michael, criminal who already has the riches but his life sucks.

and Trevor is Rockstar's new experiment. A completely crazy, amoral character.

I'll enjoy playing as all of them.

WillM172053d ago

Trevor, Michael and Franklin are the reason... 3 characters? OH MY GOD.. im going to buy this game now

Simon_Brezhnev2053d ago

Franklin is the reason for me.

SageHonor2053d ago

I like the other 2 guys better.

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