The Wolf Among Us Preview | CheatCC

CheatCC says: "It’s easy to forget, in today’s world of sanitized and saccharine children’s entertainment, that fairy tales were originally intended to frighten one’s offspring into being good. The original tales of the Brothers Grimm were filled with morbid and ironic ends for young, naïve characters. In Fables, though, an ongoing comic written by Bill Willingham and published under DC’s Vertigo imprint, it is the iconic characters of the fairy tales themselves who are beset upon, frightened and forced to flee their home by “The Adversary.” They’re driven to live in a section of our mundane world: Fabletown, in New York City. The more monstrous or animalistic among them, those who could not easily be disguised from average humans, instead inhabit “the Farm” in upstate New York."

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toxic-inferno2051d ago

Looking forward to this! Only just started reading Fables, but finding it to be a surprisingly engaging world!