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Star Trek: The Video Game Review | Gaming Age

Gaming Age: "Set your faces to stunned…but not in a good way. At least fans still have a kick ass film sequel to look forward to, right?" (PC, PS3, Star Trek, Xbox 360) D+/A+

mushroomwig  +   670d ago
A fair review, I just finished the game myself and I would give it the same score. Forgettable game for the most part.
SilentNegotiator  +   670d ago
I just started watching "Next generation" (my first Star Trek anything). It's cheesy as all, but I can see why Star Trek is considered a classic. It's always a shame to see a classic (or otherwise good) show/movie/IP get a bad video game.

Speaking of, if Superman never gets a good video game before I die, someone is getting haunted. lol
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