Windows XP Lives

Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers' experience with the operating system. This white paper summarizes what is new in Windows XP SP3.

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Bonsai12143716d ago

that makes me happy. does it include the speed boost that it lauded so much over vista's sp1?

might have to reboot over to my windoze partition..

incogneato3716d ago

inb4 vista haters aka noobs who know nothing about technology

TheIneffableBob3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Vista does some things better than XP that help make it perhaps a better OS for the casual user, but if you're a gamer or 3D artist, XP is far superior simply due to the difference in speed between XP and Vista.

wageslave3716d ago

What is this "speed difference" you're talking about? Ive used Vista personally and professionally since beta.

You're talking out your *arse* methinks.

Kryx3716d ago

You should be careful with your insults.

Go lookup trusted computing before you accuse others of not know technology. Or here I'll link you: for a digital short about it. for wiki.

incogneato3716d ago

what speed difference? the gaming difference was fixed a while ago first of all. and second if youre 3d artist that means you have at least 2gb of ram right? with 2gb of ram vista is multiple times faster than xp.

the more you know.

JsonHenry3715d ago

Don't waste your breath on these guys. They jump on the bandwagon any time there is a chance to gripe about something.

Of course XP is going to be **Slightly** faster than Vista- Vista requires a minimum spec machine while XP has 5 years of PCs made that are head and shoulders over XPs minimum specs.

That would be like complaining that Crysis runs slower on your machine than Far Cry. Of course it does! Crysis is a technically superior game!!

Lotto3715d ago

There's still a huge speed difference

Elvfam5113715d ago

personally i think XP is better for me Vista was slower for me takes longer to load things and i have 2 gb ram so it will be able to run it smooth but still think XP is better

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sleepbox3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I will just say that Vista is too much of a resource whore and requires too much clicking to accomplish menial tasks by default compared to XP.

Oh yea, and when does this come out?

incogneato3715d ago

um you can turn that off...

its interesting how all the people who hate vista dont really know anything about computers.

JsonHenry3715d ago

^^ Welcome to If this site was not updated so often I would have left a long time ago because of the overwhelming amount of ignorance that gets posted.

Bleucrunch3715d ago

I bet their will be a sh!t load of bugs with this as with all M$ products but why release it when your kicking XP to the curb anyways in a few months.

Phil Harrison Mk43715d ago

What like there xBox 360's!!! ;-D

DevastationEve3715d ago

i ran xp since it first came out, gathering service packs hotfixes and updates along the way. it truly was the next step in in the evolution of the modern OS. i had just bought a new desktop at couple years prior and it was pre-loaded with Windows ME. it kind of let me down in many ways, one was the 9x series inherent memory problems and poor user-level support. there wasn't much i could do to make the pc perform better. So, when xp came out I installed it on that system and basically took the first step into the next gen, an experience i'll never forget. i saw basically everything about my desktop such as performance and reliability increase substancially, and in many cases found more use out of that desktop than before I had installed xp. i was 16 and the pc world suddenly became very interesting to me.

when the time came to get vista, i didn't hesitate. i longed for the same kind of feeling i had when i first booted up xp. i didnt get in on the beta, however i managed to get Vista RC-1. it was another leap forward, i must say. but the direction they've been taking has always caused people to buy a whole new desktop just to take advantage of the new features. actually, just to get acceptable performance you'd end up spending more money.

to summarize, i could live without vista. but xp, THAT i couldn't live without. i've got it preinstalled on my new laptop, and have tried to get xp back again. but it doesn't even see my hdds, so i have to work around it somehow.

JsonHenry3715d ago

I got the same feeling jumping from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95! Never got that feeling back again. Don't think I ever will.

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