Ferrari F2007: GT5 Prologue's "God Mode"

Via Playstation Blog: "Sometimes even the best kept secrets seem to find their way out - that's just the nature of the beast - so it was no surprise (at least not much) when co-workers started to email us links to leaked Gran Turismo 5 Prologue screenshots… and the rumor mill it had kick-started.

Amongst the thousands of questions asked, let's tackle a few to start: first, this is indeed the Scuderia Ferrari F2007; second, that is the actual Ferrari red as sanctioned by the Ferrari team; and last but not least, the Ferrari F2007 will be available at all Gran Turismo Ferrari dealerships for 2 million game credits."

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Lord Anubis3687d ago

200mil is way too much. :(

ChanDangle3687d ago

2 mil. more reason to play.

resistance1003687d ago

Not really, this car will beat every single car going by along way, If you think back to Gran Turismo 3 you had the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version (Pal Version only) which would win you every race with no problems, they also sold that for 2million as well

Superiorrior3687d ago

2 Million game credits isn't that much, the Escudo Pikes Peak version sold for just under two million it might have been, and that car went up to what? 2000 horse power? XD!.

PirateThom3687d ago

Time to save up 2,000,000 credits.

Kleptic3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

this is pretty funny...Polyphony was able to get rights to all the F1 cars and tracks, at least thats what an article in PSM claimed last year...yet EA purchased the rights to make a sanctioned F1 game from SCE last year also (meaning F1 07-08 or w/e they want to call it would not be a 1st party PS3 game anymore)...

maybe that is why SCE was so quick to give it up?...knowing Polyphony would have it implemented into GT5...why even bother with a standalone F1 game...GT5 is supposed to have actual F1 races as well (meaning one of the race events is an F1 season)...

still rumored...but they definitely have some of the cars apparently...

aaron58293687d ago're right.

So, that means we'll definately see weather changes etc etc.

Fighter3687d ago

Polyphony Digital rules. I bow down to them.

danarc3687d ago

Sounds like something to save up for :)

Is this going to be usable in any race? Or specifically F1 races?

hotrider123687d ago

2,000,000 points ouch but still worth saving for.

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