Thomas Was Alone developer teases PS4 Project

Mike Bithell developer of "Thomas Was Alone" comments on his upcoming PS4 project as well the DualShock 4.

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Arai2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Make sure to check the NeoGaf link to get the full picture as there's a lot of snippets and I could only link to one.

Indie love for PlayStation keeps coming in, makes me wonder how many games are actually in development for the PS4.

Make sure to read this article as well (he explains why his game is on PlayStation):

Arai2052d ago

Thought I'll make it easier for you guys, so here go:

"I do believe #project2 is looking good enough to show to Sony tomorrow... :) TO BED!"

"you'll know the success of this meeting in a year, when you are / are not playing it on your PS4 :P"

"I just held a ps4 controller.. Really nice."

"can't say much more about PS4 controller, it was only a prototype, but it feels tight, suits my hands, and is rather snazzy"

"they've also done something aesthetically that I'm not sure I've seen in images online which I really love."

"Really good chatting to the guys.. and we even had a queue to try out my oculus.. if you're an indie, get chatting with Sony _now_"

BitbyDeath2051d ago

Interesting, i wonder what changes have been made to the controller

Tatsuya 2051d ago

that last tweet from him on NeoGaf really is something. I wonder what it could be, maybe it is that touch screen I've heard a couple of people talking about but then again it could be something totally new.

Something more to hyped up the anticipation to hold this god damn controller in our hands.

Here's hoping more indies will come to Sony, so PS4 can have unlimited number of games that can satisfy all genres for the consumers.

Agent_hitman2051d ago

Another Indie love for PS4 and Sony.. I'm starting to notice that Indie devs are no longer Tablet and Smartphone exclusives. but also console, especially PS4. Good work sony!

ColinZeal2051d ago

Yup! This what excites me most about the PS4. The games that are different, games that are not focus group tested (CoD etc) - The Indies really push the boundaries, love that.