Fatal Frame 2 Hits PSN Tuesday, Series Director Speaks

Posted by Makoto Shibata // Fatal Frame Series Director:

Editor’s note: Following yesterday’s restrospective on the original PS2 Classic Fatal Frame, series director Makoto Shibata returns today to talk about the development of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, which comes to PSN next Tuesday.

The Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly project started relatively soon after the first project concluded. Since we received lots of feedback that players got too scared to complete the game, we shifted our attention to making the storyline more interesting, to encourage such players to overcome the scariness in wanting to see the end of the story.

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sherimae24132052d ago

hmmm, last month fatal frame is released on psn
and now this month, its fatal frame 2...
so next month its fatal frame 3's turn, right shibata-san? ^_^

AliTheSnake12051d ago

They should make HD collection. With trophy support.

SolidGear32051d ago

I've been asking for that for 4 years!

SaiyanFury2051d ago

ABSOLUTELY! I've been hoping they'd do an HD collection for about half a decade. Hopefully, they'll deliver eventually. :)

DarkBlood2052d ago

Don't Nintendo Own the rights to Fatal Frame? This must be a workaround then

ThePsychoGamer2052d ago

I remember reading a rumor that Nintedo gained partial ownership of the IP, which could really only amount to Nintedo having the rights to the spin game Spirit Camera, while Tecmo owns the rights to the main series.

sherimae24132051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

nope your wrong,
the fatal frame ip is solely owned by tecmo koei
nintendo had joined with tecmo only in fatal frame 4 and its being develop by another developer, grasshopper manufacture and not by project zero and will also be published by nintendo..
same goes for the spin off in 3ds

its just like the same thing with bayonetta, the ip is owned by sega since they dont want to make a sequel, nintendo had a deal with them and they are the one who will published the sequel ^_^

but still nintendo has rights to fatal frame 4 and bayonetta 2 so it will unlikely to go to any other platforms ^_^

DarkBlood2051d ago

well that clears it up thanks

InsaneChronos2049d ago

The Fatal Frame franchise is not co-owned by Nintendo. Nintendo has the rights only to Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition, Fatal Frame 4 and Spirit Camera.

WeAreLegion2052d ago

Yes!!! Get #3 up in this mofo, too! Such an incredible series!

jc485732052d ago

you know, how about trying to port Fatal Frame IV? I don't care what contract they have with Nintendo, but I know Tecmo or Grasshopper probably has their way around porting games to different consoles despite having some kind of exclusive thing going on. Maybe building the game from ground up with a different engine?

level 3602052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Will definetly be getting this, got me a Fatal Frame but on the original XBox..

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