Edge Online: takes a deeper look at GTA V

Forget the new Grand Theft Auto V trailers – last week Rockstar invited select press to its London offices to lay eyes on the game.

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DeadManMcCarthy1991d ago

I just noticed that, Michael is wearing the same bank robbery outfit and hockey mask that Tommy Vercetti wore in Vice City. Probably just an easter egg or coincidence though.

seanpitt231991d ago

"Here’s your headline: the gunplay is Max Payne 3′s, broadly speaking, right down to the turning circle and the kill-confirming reticule X. This is no copy-paste from Rockstar’s 2012 shooter, though: there’s a new evasive roll, and a ‘combat jog’ that lets you move at speed with your weapon drawn, but not raised."

This made me very happpppppyy little bunny.

DeadManMcCarthy1991d ago

Yep, it's gonna be amazing. I'm looking forward to melee combat and hand to hand the most though.

Bathyj1991d ago

You had me at stealth.

Also very happy the shooting has taken queues from Max Payne as its always been one of the weakest parts of the game.

I remember thinking they would do that when I played it at launch. Cant wait.