10 Most Ridiculous Robot Masters from Mega Man

The premise is simple: Robots built to aid in human tasks go rogue and must be taken out by Mega Man. Unfortunately, some of those "human tasks" were just beyond contrived and ridiculous. Today we salute you, ridiculous robots conceived with vague intent in order to look cool, because that's what an American does!

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majiebeast2052d ago

Sheepman is too cool for this list.

Qrphe2051d ago

But Pharaohman is awesome not ridiculous

KrimsonKody2051d ago

1st & foremost;
Top Man is fly!

But yeah, there's many other robots that can be considered worse;
Bubble Man
Flash Man
Bright Man
Hard Man (...?...)
Tomahawk Man
Spring Man
You know, just to name a few.

& you can tell when Capcom ran low on innovation
Fire Man, Heat Man, Flame Man
Ice Man, Freeze Man
Shade Man, Shadow Man
Cloud Man, Gyro Man...
Mmm! Now I have a taste for a gyro...
(seeks a gyro for lunch)