5 Things Zelda U Should Inherit from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Zelda Informer: "After a rather thought provoking response to yesterday’s Zelda U related article, I figured it was worth continuing the series and expanding upon it each day going in order of the Zelda game releases to see if there really are aspects of each game Zelda U should use.

This time it may seem like a challenge to many, because The Adventure of Link, despite my love for the game, is wildly considered the black sheep of the Zelda family (that is, of the games that are canon). Is there really anything Zelda U could inherit from this much maligned title?"

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swice2023d ago

They should make it like Skyrim and Dark Souls...and Darksiders.

beafsteak2023d ago

That would be disgusting. Zelda needs to stay true to its formula.

meganick2023d ago

Just bring back Error. That's all.