IGN: Grand Theft Auto V- Ambition in the Big City

For all the ridiculous popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series, it’s difficult to identify a single reason why the franchise resonates with so many millions of gamers around the world. Then again, this very fact might actually be the central ingredient in Grand Theft Auto’s special sauce, because it does so much so well. When I recently sat down with folks from Rockstar to take in an extended demo of Grand Theft Auto V, I kept this point in mind, identifying not one aspect of the game, but many that will almost certainly contribute to it being an immersive, addicting, and entirely outrageous experience.

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jcnba281785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

After reading this article, my excitement for GTA5 has dropped a little. Hopefully Colin is just being over critical.

BattleTorn1785d ago

I'm hoping he's just downplaying it, to encourage R* to keep polishing the aesthetics.

AlphaCentyros1785d ago

Are you kidding? After all the previews I've been reading my excitement has quadrupled!

AliTheSnake11785d ago

"Graphically, it’s unimpressive. "
" it also doesn’t stand up to its far more graphically-impressive contemporaries. It doesn’t look five-plus years newer than the game that came before it. "
That's what killed my excitement.Because the game DOES look impressive according to the cinematic trailers and screenshots.
The only thing that can put me back on the hype train is gameplay footage.

AlphaCentyros1785d ago

Your excitement was killed by disappointing graphics? I'm surprised that none of the other gameplay features blew you away. But then again, graphics aren't really a priority for me in games.

sabestar1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

I posted this on another article, but seeing as how IGN missed some stuff in their preview, I'll post it here as well for those interested. This is a summary of ign, cvg and GI's previews that I read so far.

Confirmed list of features:

- Gunplay much better than GTAIV's, it plays similarly to MP3 based on their description.
- Buying Property confirmed; they brought the feature back!
- Character customisation (haircuts, clothes, tattoos)
- Vehicle customisation like in GTA SA.
- Weapon customisation (silencers, scopes, etc..)
- Cellphone has a camera (you can take screenshots and upload them online).
- Cellphone has 9 different apps like camera, calender, contacts, internet, etc..
- Hundred of dynamic missions
- Insane attention to detail all around.
- Switching characters is just a matter of selecting one of 4 characters on a wheel; Michael, Franklin, Trevor, and your multiplayer avatar. Meaning you can switch between sp and mp effortlessly.
- Wildlife: Reading several previews confirms sharks, mountain lions, deer, and more.
- RPG elements from SA are back and much deeper: Special, Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Mechanic, Lung Capacity.
- Special skillset is different for every character, Franklin can slow down time in a vehicle, Michael can use bullet time ala Max Payne at any time during combat, and Trevor goes into.....RAGE MODE (double damage, half damage taken).

Tried my best to sum it up, I think I might've missed a few more things, but it was just awesome reading all this. Day 1 for sure.

BattleTorn1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

From CVG? Their preview had TONS of details IGN didn't mention, at all. (Bubbl+)

sabestar1785d ago

Yep, CVG's preview was much more in-depth than IGN's.

OpenGL1785d ago

I haven't been keeping up with all the GTA V news but reading your post makes me extremely excited for the game. I really hope there is a PC or PS4 port available at or near launch.


Maybe spring time next year... though I am hoping for a tandem release like MP3. PC version will most likely be released with the PS4/720 versions.

ApolloTheBoss1785d ago

Awesome, Thanks a lot. +Helpful

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