GTA 5: 64 Facts You Didn't Know

NowGamer: "We've played GTA 5. We've got some fleshed out thoughts on Rockstar's sequel to read through but if you want the quick lowdown on GTA 5, here are 64 facts about the game you (probably) (hopefully) (maybe) didn't know…"

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US8F2054d ago

This game can't come soon enough.

Honestly, having all that in a single game as big as GTA V is mind blowing(pun intended)

TimmyShire2053d ago

I simply cannot wait! :D

shivvy242053d ago

i have a feeling this game will come on next gen too

biRdy2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )


biRdy2053d ago

Will be one of the best games this year

Wagz222053d ago

Wow that was actually pretty interesting. I like how there's a lot of customization that is coming back.

matrixman922053d ago

The Chinese theater in Hollywood will be present here. They could take advantage of something that I feel was severely missed in LA Noire....what if you could actually go into the theater and watch movies. It would have been so cool if in LA Noire you could take a break from playing and go watch old gangster films. idk what kind of movies could be shown in gta5, but I have always thought it would be a very cool concept. You could get done with a difficult mission, then go to the movies and relax for a little bit.It would add a whole new step of immersion.

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