20 all new GTA 5 screens – monkey masks, rocket launchers & mayhem

OPM: Here are 20 brand new GTA 5 shots to go with our huge GTA 5 info filled preview where editor Ben went to see the game in action at Rockstar’s offices.

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US8F2057d ago


vishmarx2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

its finger lickin good!!!

shrihari2057d ago

It is extremely good....

StraightPath2057d ago

this game is going to be incredible. Amazing screenshots although some are bullshots however I do think the PC version will be able to have graphics like those in the screenshots in game.

most hyped game this year.

FunkMacNasty2056d ago

There is currently no PC version, and "no plans in the works" for a PC version. Rockstar announced this already

AliTheSnake12056d ago

""graphically, it’s unimpressive. It looks like an enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto IV with an extra sheen added, but it also doesn’t stand up to its far more graphically-impressive contemporaries. It doesn’t look five-plus years newer than the game that came before it. ""
That's from IGN's preview article that was released today. Now I'm starting to worry.

HammadTheBeast2056d ago

How much further can you go with graphics when you have a 3x larger world, and GTA IV already had great graphics.

Rainstorm812056d ago

That's funny cause its even worse with CoD yet IGN finds a way to give that game 9+ scores every year........

AliTheSnake12056d ago

"As for looks, I'm honestly not sure what to make of the V's graphics.The GTA V I saw running on PS3 hardware at Rockstar looked slightly better than GTAIV. That GTA V, though, didn't look as good to me as the one we see in the trailers.I'd still like a GTA V that looks as sharp as the game does in its trailers."
That's from Kotaku's preview.
of course I get 6 mindless dislikes for passing on something .
"How much further can you go with graphics"
You can go as far as the trailers.If not then why they show them to us and say its gameplay from ps3 ?

Knight_Crawler2056d ago

I am guessing they are going to have a lets pretend store like Saints Row.

I am glad they scrapped the GTA4 idea with wanting to be all serious and are going back to San Andreas style.

Root2051d ago

Is that a mother f****** blimp in one of the pictures........oh I'm going to have fun crashing that into the ground :D

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Narutodemon2057d ago

Why do they tease us!! Just let the game out already lol.

LOGICWINS2057d ago

Why would you want an unfinished game lol?

ifritAlkhemyst2057d ago

After RDR and Max Payne 3, I have nothing but faith that R* is going to deliver their best game yet with GTA V

sync902057d ago

Max Payne 3 wasn't that good.

LOGICWINS2057d ago

Max Payne 3 wasn't that good FOR ME


I loved it. It set a new bar for third person shooters and action games.

mt2056d ago

it was decent for me. not in the wow department. online is crap though.

DeadManMcCarthy2056d ago

The story sucked but the gameplay was good.

Root2051d ago


Setting the bar for third person shooters....come on it was good but not that good

Hell it was nothing like a Max Payne game either, yeah it had bullet time, but the story was typical, the graphc novel cutscenes were gone, Max's character development took a step back, Mona was gone.

Apart from the fancy stuff it did in the animation and tec department it was a very basic third person shooter.

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vishmarx2057d ago

lol did anyone notice we have exactly 1 disagree in all our comments
and for no apparent reason whatsoever...
my guess=wii u/pc fanboy

sync902057d ago

3 silly comments, 3 disagree's. i see no prob

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