Sony Increases Memory Stick Size to 16GB ; Launching in AU for $479.95

Sony has unveiled a 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo that will provide users more storage capacity for their cameras and camcorders.

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decapitator3629d ago

Will buy one when it comes state side.

Harry1903629d ago

news.wait for a little price drop though.

decapitator3629d ago

You actually right man. Add $20 and you cold pick up 2 psp for the price of one memory stick. Price drop would be nice.

Cwalat3629d ago

did u actually say u were gonna buy one ?


2008 sales numbers - 1

thehitman3629d ago

16GIGS for 500 dollars lol RIPP OFFF Cmon sony you can do better than that. Why make it if its so expensive that no1 will buy its not really n demand I dont understand this move. Its as much as a ps3... I rather just have like a 2gig memory stick and use my ps3 as 60 gigs extension.

Superiorrior3629d ago

It's SOO expensive because its the god damn size of your thumbnail. Think about it, 16 gigs for that size.

xplosneer3629d ago

The thing is that 8GB's are about $100 US. This is $440 Us.

mayberry3629d ago

pro duos always drop dramatically in price quicly!
I waited for the 2g to go down to 79.00 and the next week i saw them for 49.99 now they are cheaper than that!
the original price for the 4g was almost 800 dol and now they are good to go!

Junior45653629d ago

I found a 4gb for $60 at GameStop yesterday

damnwrx3629d ago

Can't even buy 320gb for my PS3, got to be kiddin' me. That's the problem with SONY always overthetop prices......

Skerj3629d ago

Uh if you can't buy a 320gb hd for your PS3, that's not Sony's fault. You can use any notebook SATA drive.

Ovidius3629d ago

I have this hard drive in my PS3:


FunkyBunch3629d ago

I would love a 16GB card, but it's way cheaper to buy a bunch of 4 gig cards...four 4GB cards =$200. ( I just bought 2 last weekend...)

Danja3629d ago

totally agree...but it would be nice just to have a 16GB memory card in my PSP...

FunkyBunch3629d ago

@whoever hit the disagree button on my post
How do you disagree with something that actually happened!?
Goodness gracious people...
Some of you are hitting the disagree button just because it's there.

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The story is too old to be commented.