The Leading Role in GTA V – No Love for the Ladies

Richard Bailey of The Koalition writes:
When Rockstar Games unveiled three new character trailers for the next installment in their critically acclaimed GTA series earlier this week, the gaming world went into a frenzy with uncontrollable bouts of excitement. Despite the fact that these videos were originally billed as being gameplay trailers, many fans and critics alike were both quick to forgive this notion and instead became enamored by the cinematic cutscenes detailing each protagonist.

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rbailey1970d ago

I personally don't think having a female protagonist in GTA is a bad thing. I'm curious to see what you all think.

Zabby911970d ago

Putting a female protagonist in a mob/gang contest is a very hard thing to pull off.
Sexism and misogeny would be found around every corner, facilitating the job of haters and Foxnews.
Still, i'd like to see Rockstar develop a character like Mia from Pulp Fiction in their world. DLC, maybe.

Conzul1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I wouldn't mind a personality like Parker from Leverage.

@Zabby Mia would be another possibility, yeah.
Also a character like Roxy from God Bless America wouldn't be the slightest out of place in a GTA game.
Maybe like a GTA equivalent of Tiny Tina or summat.

Writing for a female protagonist would be tricky, but if anyone Rockstar could pull it off.
Edit: Oh wait as the *main* character...yeah no thank you. It just wouldn't be the same.

MrKennedy1970d ago

This is a really interesting article. The author is good.

KillrateOmega1970d ago

The author makes fair points and, personally, I would have no problem with a female main character.

On the other hand though, I feel like if they DID make a female main character, then hordes of dumbasses would degrade the character by focusing on whether she's hot or not. Unfortunately, considering the game's general audience, this isn't exactly unlikely :P

MilkMan1970d ago

Didn't I read somewhere that male gamers have an aversion to playing female leads. I think it was Capcom talking about the up and coming game Remember Me.

I think the same observation was made during the release of the new Tomb Raider.

What was stated was that female leads tend to do poorly in sales and therefore not a real viable choice. The devs have to go through hoops trying to get the publishers to buy into the concept.

Taking the subject matter and the kind of things you can do in GTA, I don't really think male gamers are ready to pluck down cash to do some of the seedier things in GTA.

For goofs and laughs its cool to play a female character in a game like Saints Row, but I'm not entirely sure this would float.

Maybe as one of many characters?

hano1969d ago

They have a leading role. You can sex them up and punch street hookers or drive over them.

I hope you can get them to make a sandwich as well.