Is Illumiroom Microsoft’s Diamond Sword In The Next-Gen Battle?

Xbox has released more information on their clever bit of tech, known as the IllumiRoom. It is a projector which brings the game outside of your TV and projects it onto your wall. Pretty neat.

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abradley2053d ago

Whether it will change games as we know it is highly doubtful, but it looks cool.

minimur122053d ago

yeah, things like this are cool but they also cost alot haha, would be surprised if illumiroom if any less than $300

fr0sty2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Didn't we just have a "Is Illumiroom Microsoft's Secret Weapon" article a day or two ago? Diamond sword being subbed in to keep it from being flagged as a dupe. These armchair journalists really should try harder.

Either way, I work with projectors every day. No projector for less than $500 will be any good at competing against ambient light. Add in the short throw lens, which makes it even more expensive, the Xbox, and Kinect 2... I don't see this coming cheap. And I don't see the point in paying a lot of money for it. Just get a bigger TV. Sure, the video mapping effects are cool, but that's a lot of money to pay to make your entertainment center ripple with each gunshot.

abradley2052d ago

Agreed, a lot of money for too little an improvement. This is not MS's secret weapon, unless they've lost their minds.

Kte2053d ago

Yeah it looks sooo awesome. But true, knowing Microsoft, they would sell the 720 alone for what 400$, then Illimiroom for another 300

minimur122053d ago

in their video, the narrator says it's 'proof of concept'

looks liike we wont be playing.... or using it anytime soon :(

strigoi8142052d ago

It will be expensive for sure..just try to imagine what tech they are using on that project..a kinect camera and a very good projector..projector itself is around how much already?? And this is not gonna be getting out of the next xbox coz its a stand alone piece of this can either compete with projectors or TV market out there

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MikeyDucati12052d ago

All depends on developers willing to use the tech. Some parts of it looks cool (like the snowflakes falling in the racing game section) and some look like they can be overbearing (shooter section where the sandy yellows seem to take up everything outside the TV).

But we'll see what MS will do with this.

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The story is too old to be commented.