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Myze2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Great character, and with Season Pass, I'll definitely be trying it out.

More interested in the new character (Krieg) coming soon, but really like the sound of this new DLC (well, based on the name...since that's all we really got ;) ). The other DLC's have all been good, so no reason to think this one, with a better main side-character, will be any different.

Mr_Writer852023d ago

See I didn't rate the Hammerlock DLC I've not really enjoyed it up to now. I wasn't keen on Torgue either. But the Pirate one was really good and has been my fav so far.

However I really like Tiny Tina so I have a bit more anticipation for this one.

DarthJay2023d ago

Tiny Tina. Seemed pretty obvious.

Blacktric2023d ago

I was surprised at him calling Tiny Tina a great character.

Also seemed pretty obvious.

DarthJay2023d ago

Nope. It wouldn't be obvious at all. Because Tiny Tina is generally beloved by the Borderlands community. I feel bad for you. It must be tough.

Blacktric2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"Because Tiny Tina is generally beloved by the Borderlands community."

I'm glad I'm not a part of that community then, which would explain why I was surprised.

"I feel bad for you. It must be tough."

A Maymaylands fan that also loves projecting... How surprising.

ChronoJoe2023d ago

Tina isn't beloved by the Borderlands community of what I've seen. If anything she's the subject of the highest quantity of complaints regarding character design.

It's probably a love hate relationship, realistically. Since she's so over the top. I can see some people loving that, but others finding it absurdly annoying.

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HellFeast2023d ago

I hope this DLC also brings the former Vault Hunters into the mix as they show in the teaser trailer.

r3f1cul2023d ago

i thought this was gonna be called bunkers and badasses or some shit like that or is that something else they are planning??? not sure lol either way im getting it

r3f1cul2023d ago

this link isnt working for me anyone else having problems?

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