Should We Judge a Game Based on Its Ending?

GamerFitNation: Picture yourself playing a game that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed up until now – a game you believe has the potential to become your new all-time favorite. You’re so anxious to see its ending you stay up until 5 a.m. finishing it. When you finally beat the last boss and see the ending, you realize that it’s one of the worst endings to a game you’ve ever experienced.

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ApolloTheBoss2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

The ending defines the entire game (Story driven games anyway.) When you invest so many hours into a videogame, only to be severely disappointed in the end, it will scar you for life.

NeXXXuS2054d ago

Mass Effect 3, we're looking at you.

dedicatedtogamers2054d ago

Sure, why not? If we can say an entire game is good because of the story (regardless of gameplay flaws. I've seen it happen countless times), then it is just as fair to mark down a game if the conclusion to the story isn't up to par.

whamlollypop72054d ago

Focus on the journey not the destination, most endings don't live up to the game.

WildArmed2054d ago

I agree.
Actually, sometimes I don't finish the game because of it.

I've had Valkriya Chronicles for a few years now, and i ABSOLUTELY love the game. I have all the DLC and i've played it all. What haven't I done? beat the game lol

I just get caught up in trying to best my last score, or best Hard EX mode. I love the game, I want to finish it one day. But whenever I load it up, I end up replaying old missions. This is obviously an extreme case, most games I've finished haha

It's easy to get disappointed at the end, since it leaves a 'sour taste'. The journey is what made the game special though, it's the journey that made getting here (the end) enjoyable. Even if the end wasn't, at least you have the other 50 hours or so of great memories.

whamlollypop72054d ago

Valkyria Chronicles ends fine, the last level is challenging and you get a nice happy ending.

Anon19742054d ago

No different than movies of TV shows. Not all are going to stick the landing, nor should they expect to. Battlestar Galactica was a fantastic tv series and yet I hardly remember the finale. It didn't somehow instantly diminish the hours of enjoyment I'd received up until that point.

I've been playing games for over 30 years now. Game are all the better when they can deliver a satisfying conclusion, but it doesn't ruin a game for me if it doesn't. It's not like the hours leading up to that point where I had a blast were suddenly rendered meaningless because the game's end didn't deliver to my expectations.

BitbyDeath2054d ago

Well you're not meant to base a book by it's cover so where else do you turn too?

sjaakiejj2054d ago

The other 99% of the book?

Tatsuya 2054d ago

In the case of mass effect 3, since you posted a picture for this article.

Ending is crap as hell. Why? All those choices we made in the universe that consists of mass effect 1 & 2, all those spent hours meant nothing. It is already fated by Bioware, that you get this stupid colourful endings as a thank you for spending all your hours in trying so hard to save a world that is already going to perish.

I don't expect a happy ending for my commander. Just an ending that he deserves for all those good and hard moments in his life.

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The story is too old to be commented.