Lack of Call of Duty hype points to franchise fatigue

Yesterday marked the annual reveal of the latest Call of Duty title, and as usual we were promised new features, a new story and a new set of characters to wage war with. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but this year's reveal felt different somehow, as if COD fans throughout the world just watched the latest teaser trailer and let out one big sigh of, "What? More of the same? Again?"

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Maddens Raiders2053d ago

a more divisive multiplat console series? It's like the virtual epicenter for casual vs. hardcore skirmishes and battles.

shivvy242053d ago

im done with modern shooters , btw the skull looks like resistance 3 box art

AngelicIceDiamond2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Can you blame the gamers? Or the former hardcore Cod players?

The game not only has gotten stale, under performed and none innovative through out the years. But both IW and Treyarch have done nothing to fixed the glitches and unbalanced influences that plagued the game since COD 4.

The new COD crowd are the ones that are hyped for this. While the former core crowd probably buy just for there friends or just for cheap thrills.

Until IW can act like game developers *Key word "DEVELOPERS" and innovate change and fix the stupid problems COD will remain just a cheap thrill.

EDIT: @Below NYC gamer This isn't just the vocal small community of N4G. It's on all of the major game sites and even mainstream is starting to catch wind.

They're barely breaking sales record now. But their sales average is falling fast. It just shows peoples disinterest of the game in the long run. After launch its just simple word of mouth.

*Is the game worth it this year? "Nope." *Not buying it then.

ZainabSaccal2053d ago

I prefer battlefield4 anytime of the day, I didn't like Call of Duty as they are becoming BORINGGGGG

NYC_Gamer2053d ago

It's gonna sale millions of copies regardless of how us on N4G feel towards the franchise

Minato-Namikaze2053d ago

Its not only n4g. Many people in the gaming communities i'm in are kinda just meh about it. But certainly there will be a bunch of people that buy it at launch, on the other hand i dont think it's gonna rake in 1 billion dollars in only 15 days this time.

Root2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

I think, in my opinion, that the people who are catching on are hardcore gamers and the reason why you see it more around the interet then in public is because most hardcore gamers actually have the time to sign up to a site like this one.

The casual crowd or those who have an Xbox to killtime (usualy because it's cheaper and because of the headset aka cross game chat) are the ones who always go on about it, you know those groups of friends who just do it because other friends are doing it. It's one big social gimmick and I think over the years the gaming community, the core gaming community are waking up to it. I mean we don't need social gimmicks like that because we know theres better games coming out this year.

GTAV, WatchDogs, Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Killzone SF, inFAMOUS SS, whatever the Nextbox has

Then we have the PS4 and Nextbox it's self....

Activision can trick people by putting that same old mouldly hotdog in a brand new fresh bun, aka a new engine, but we know it's still a mouldy hotdog inside.

MikeMyers2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

"The casual crowd or those who have an Xbox to killtime (usualy because it's cheaper and because of the headset aka cross game chat) are the ones who always go on about it, you know those groups of friends who just do it because other friends are doing it."

That makes absolutely no sense at all. Are we now claiming PS3 owners are hardcore gamers and Xbox 360 owners are casual? Did you forget that Call of Duty is also the number one franchise on the PS3?

This segregation between gamers really needs to stop. It serves no purpose other than to try and alienate communities and support fanboys.

Even if there is fatigue going on with the franchise it still outsells every other game doesn't it? Activision is likely to run the ip into the ground like they did with Guitar Hero. But until then they will keep making it because it sells on BOTH the PS3 and Xbox 360.

But this whole notion it's Xbox 360 owners who are going on about it is baseless claims. It is still hugely popular every year on the PS3 as well.

torchic2053d ago

there's a definite growing consensus that the game is getting boring. I mean Ghosts will still sell bucket loads but won't replicate the successes of previous CoDs, even BLOPSII

even famous YouTube commentators who bulit their channels on CoD content are beginning to shy away from it.

I like CoD but I just can't bring myself to play it anymore.

btw I don't think that Battlefield will replace CoD (without changing itself) because they are two completely different games (one is very accessible and the other isn't). something else will come along and be that "IT" game, maybe Destiny? maybe another genre of game altogether? who knows

admiralvic2053d ago

Yet those 30 or so posts and seeing the same featured image on almost every article says otherwise...

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