Nintendo Finally Responds to Why Canadians and Americans Cannot Gift

Oh, Nintendo... why must you hurt the ones who love you so?

Ok, to catch some people up: This past December, Nintendo introduced their Wii Gift feature to North American audiences. But, to the surprise of many, it was revealed that for some undisclosed reason, Wii owners in the US and in Canada could not use the feature to send a Virtual Console game to one-another.

So Kombo caught up with the agency who handles Nintendo of Canada's PR back in December to ask what the deal is. And they got back to them... a few days ago.

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wiizy3716d ago

oh well.. it will happen soon enough.

instantstupor3716d ago

Perhaps the fact of the matter is that there would be pricing differences, some loophole that would allow for a purchase of a cheaper game one way or the other. Not really sure how the Wii points and such work, but maybe...I don't know, just throwing it out there.

Frnicatr3716d ago

Which is stupid considering the american dollar and canadian dollar have been on par for half a year.

LBD_Nytetrayn3716d ago

Agreeing with Frnicatr. And if that's the problem, would it kill them to say as much?

And again, is this a problem in between countries in Europe?