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Submitted by zerocrossing 1012d ago | interview

Nintendo wants to dispel 'misconception' that Wii U is underpowered

"We understand that this cannot possibly be achieved overnight," says Iwata

Responding to a question about overseas developers' perception of the console, the executive told investors at the Japanese firm's annual results briefing earlier this week: (Nintendo, Tag Invalid, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   1012d ago
Oh yeah? Well, that'd be great. But thing is you need to put out games that PROVE that. That's the only way to convince anyone of anything. Now deliver.
lilbroRx  +   1012d ago
Did you actually read the comment by Iwata? Its the first sentence under the title.

I am of the same mind as him. This won't happen overnight. Making games takes time. The average AAA game takes at least a year to develop and the Wii U isn't even a year old yet.

Rushed games are generally garbage. I would rather have a good game with 16 bit graphics than a shiny, graphically astounding looking game that plays like crap and has bugs everywhere.

Monolith's Wii U game was enough to show me that the Wii U isn't underpowered.
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PopRocks359  +   1012d ago
Hey, chill dude. I actually am optimistic that Iwata means what he says and that he and the company do want to clear up said misconceptions.

But unfortunately right now the Wii U has that reputation because the games on it don't really prove it its true potential. I'm saying it's up to their development teams to rectify the proplem and create games that look and play great and prove to people that it isn't underpowered.

And yes, I'm well aware that those games won't come out overnight. That's why I say the sooner they reveal these projects, the better. Nintendo holds a high bar of quality, but no one in the general public is going to care unless they get something out of it.

EDIT: Part of the problem is that Nintendo seemed unprepared and did not provide a AAA game for the Wii U's launch like they did with the Wii (Twilight Princess). I know development issues can happen especially since they are now making HD games, but releasing the Wii U with nothing but New Super Mario Bros. U was not a smart move on their part.

Now people have this idea that the Wii U is actually on par with the 360/PS3, despite the developments involving Criterion and Need For Speed U. If Nintendo is serious about these misconceptions, then they need to make their new games look stunning and prove those misconceptions wrong. That's not unreasonable to ask of them, I feel.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   1012d ago
I make shitloads of cash but still live in a one bedroom apartment in the ghetto............hmmm...
beafsteak  +   1012d ago
Why are their so many disagrees on this comment. Someone finally said something smart.
lilbroRx  +   1012d ago
I don't get these, prove it, show me, i'll believe it when I see it, and all of this other in arrogant stances I see people giving to these statements.

Developing HD games can take years. Its like people have forgotten this.

Metal Gear Solid 4 and FFXIII didn't release in the PS3 launch or even the year following. Halo 3 and Gears of war didn't release in the 360's launch. It wasn't until both of their sequal that the 360 really showed its graphical capabilities and that was years later. Yet, people want Nitnendo to make better looking games on even more complex hardware in less time.

Its like people want terrrible, gimped games just so they can see some pretty graphics that most fanboys will dismiss anyway. You can't prove anything to fanboys, who the main ones making the remarks, because they've already made up their mind whether they will or will not like what they see before they even see it based simply on the fact that is on Nintendo's hardware. Namesakes are all that matter to them.

Let them actually finish the games. Goodness.

For me, the misconceptions never existed because of Trine 2: the Goblin Menace followed by NFS: Most Wanted and Deus Ex: Director's Cut. It has already been proven multiple times that the console is stronger than the last gen consoles and can produce better looking games than what is possible on them. Why do people keep begging this and ignoring the facts?
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LOL_WUT  +   1012d ago
Developing HD games can take years.
Tell me something when has a 3D Mario game ever look like MGS4, FFXIII, Halo 3 or Gears of War? Never! Why? Because Nintendo games are usually never demanding.

The last big Wii game was Skyword Sword you're telling me ever since then Nintendo couldn't come up with some decent titles for the Wii U's launch? ;)
ABizzel1  +   1012d ago
I hate to jump on board, but not only that Nintendo had shown off the Wii U back in E3 2011 giving them AT LEAST 2 years by today, to have a decent array of games, especially considering a large bulk of their games and franchies are party / casual / side scrollers.

Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Sports, and tons of HD side scrollers (Kirby, Yoshi, Donkey Kong) all should have been ready by now.

Only games like 3D Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and the new Super Smash should be difficult in producing in most cases with one coming out per year.

On top of all that Nintendo knew the struggle MS and Sony had when they launched their HD console, so they should have been better prepared to deal with the same results. It's like their minds went completely blank after the success of the Wii.

Now that being said I'm all for Nintendo and I hope they resurge and fix every / most complaints regarding the Wii U. Is the Wii U underpowered "YES", it's going to struggle receive bar minimal PC ports because Llano, Trinity, and especially Steamroller APU's are already past it and they're becoming the new entry level for PC gaming, and in the next 1 - 2 years PC gaming will receive it's next huge leap on the GPU side of things making it the Wii U and complete obsolete console hardware wise.

Does any of that matter? No. As long as there's good software from Nintendo's 1st party none of us really care, but the problem is it isn't there yet, and 3rd parties are jumping shift to the PS4 and Nextbox, which makes matters even worse for current Wii U and potential ones.
dark-hollow  +   1012d ago
Simply false! Nintendo's know how to get the most out of their platforms.

Wind waker and metroid prime looked stunning on the GameCube. Same to Mario galaxy and skyward sword on the Wii.

Monolith X game for the Wii u which actually is early alpha footage looks on par/ better than the games you mentione, and we still didn't see what retro game will look like and everybody knows retro are very experienced in the graphics department.
jcnba28  +   1012d ago
Why are you comparing an SD console to a HD console? Of course the HD console is going to be graphically superior.

"Nintendo games are usually never demanding."

That's why Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 were the highest rated games of last gen.

"The last big Wii game was Skyword Sword"

No it was actually Xenoblade and The Last Story.
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Eyeco  +   1012d ago
He was talking about graphics, not the overall game, yes SMG 1-2 are excellent games but VISUALLY there not demanding why is that so hard for you to grasp.

2. He's right Skyward Sword was the last big game on the Wii, Xenoblade and The Last Story are 2010/11 games the latter was released BEFORE Skyward Sword, or have you forgotten about Operation Rainfall ?
beafsteak  +   1012d ago
Mario is not the type of game to look like those titles. For example Super Mario Galaxy had perfect crisp graphics but Its cheery colorful world prevents it from looking similar to games such as FFXIII, MGS4, and Halo 4. A better example would be the Metroid series. Metroid Prime was released for the gamecube in 2002 and looks almost as good as those titles. A metroid game would be perfect for the wii u. But the only problem is if you look at the gap between most of Nintendos 1st party titles you'll notice it takes them about three years to make a game. Nintendo will probaboly start releasing some games late 2013 and early 2014 so lets quit whining. It'll be worth the wait.
Eyeco  +   1011d ago
You honestly think Metroid Prime looks almost as good as MGS 4, Halo 4, FF13 ?please tell me your trolling
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Xer0_SiN  +   1012d ago
what do you expect? the ps3 era was a significant jump from the gen before. the games you mentioned demonstrated that. but even before that with the launch games you could tell the difference in the more modern system. nintendo is claiming that the wii u is next gen but cant even pace with the ps3. you look at the ps4 vs ps3 and you can tell what is last gen and what i next gen.
MysticStrummer  +   1012d ago
Seems like Nintendo forgot it takes awhile to develop games, or they would have some more ready for WiiU.

WiiU is underpowered compared to PS4 and 720, not PS3 and 360. WiiU is underpowered because even though some consider it a next gen console, it is comparable to last gen. In short, WiiU is underpowered. There is no misconception to dispel.
beafsteak  +   1012d ago
It will be underpowered but it innovates with its touchscreen tablet controler so its acceptable. Plus they'll release their amazing 1st party titles in wich they're known for, so no one will really care by the time that happens. Just like the wii.
MysticStrummer  +   1012d ago
WiiU will have it's fans, no doubt. The touchscreen controller has a lot of potential, but it will be up to developers to use it properly. WiiU is definitely innovative in that way, no argument there. It's underpowered, but that won't matter for many people with the right games, just like the Wii as you said.
SilentNegotiator  +   1012d ago
Except they already have first party games on Wii U...running at 720p.

It doesn't take "years" to program the resolution and if 2.5D mario games won't play beyond 720p, nothing likely will (other than 2D games and some Wii ports).
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PopRocks359  +   1012d ago
You're basing all of the Wii U's graphical potential on launch games? Those which being New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land? Really?

So I guess it doesn't take years to make a full fledged Zelda game or Metroid in your eyes then? Please development guru, show me the ways!
SilentNegotiator  +   1012d ago
Some of the launch Ps3/360 games ran at slightly sub-720p resolutions, but absolutely none of them ran at 480p. We're talking about a new generation here. Nintendo isn't going to go from 720p games to 1080p WITHIN a generation.

"So I guess it doesn't take years to make a full fledged Zelda game or Metroid in your eyes then?"
Your reading skills are horrible if you seriously read that. But then you love to cry "putting words in mah mouth!!" while doing exactly that. I said it doesn't take years to program the resolution because they ALREADY HAVE GAMES OUT and they're native 720p.
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PopRocks359  +   1012d ago
Hey, what goes around comes around. Maybe next time you reply to one of my comments you won't make shit up. When that happens I'll gladly oblige by doing the same.

Also Nintendo just started programming HD content. Their jump this past year was from 480i to 720p. I remember around launch time it was stated that Nintendo's inner developed software would initially be rendered in 720p, like NSMBU and Nintendo Land, but would later on be made in 1080p.

Either way, you seem to be insisting that Nintendo's launch content is a sure sign of the Wii U's full potential and I think that's incredibly naive when you look at how games graphically progress on home console hardware in every single generation with 3D graphics.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1011d ago
"Either way, you seem to be insisting that Nintendo's launch content is a sure sign of the Wii U's full potential and I think that's incredibly naive when you look at how games graphically progress on home console hardware in every single generation with 3D graphics"

Do you have any idea how much more power it takes to run 1080p compared to 720p? This isn't a matter of hammering out the details. If Wii U could reliably run Nintendo's games at 1080p, they would have done it already.

You can't keep pretending like games at last gen resolutions at launch are normal. Wii U is a 720p console and minor visual upgrades from Ps3/360 will only be worth yawns in 6 months. Keeping up this delusion will only result in egg on the face.

Like Wii U? Congrats. Like Wii U for what it is. But don't keep lying that it's something that it isn't. Wii U is underpowered for a system releasing in 2012 and meant to be around for several years.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1012d ago
I never thought it was under-powered, I think we all are just waiting for a game with the graphical style to show off what it can really do.
jcnba28  +   1012d ago
Exactly. People seem to forget how bad games looked on PS3 and 360 when those consoles first launched.
Jek_Porkins  +   1012d ago
A good example is to go back and play a game like Prey or Saints Row on the Xbox 360, then play Halo 4 and you'll see a huge difference.

Nintendo's first party games lack the graphical style to show off what the Wii U can do, if they released a new Metroid Prime or proper Zelda game it would show people how good games can look on the console.
Hicken  +   1012d ago
If you NEVER thought it was underpowered, you weren't paying much attention. From the start, the system has not looked like much of a leap over current gen consoles.

Except the Wii.

The thing is: that's not gonna change, because the Wii U IS underpowered. Not when compared to this gen, but to next. There are no two ways about that.
Jek_Porkins  +   1012d ago
There is a lot to be seen, we don't know how much system memory will be set aside in the PS4/720, the Wii U has a ton more memory than current consoles, there does indeed come a point when games cant really look that much better, if they can get something that looks better than Crysis 3 or Rage on the console, gamer's will take notice.
2pacalypsenow  +   1012d ago
who cares by that time the much much much more powerful Ps4 and the next xbox will be out making the wii u's power obsolete
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lilbroRx  +   1012d ago
And by the time those are out, Nvidia's next line of of GPU and Intel's next CPU will be out making the PS4 and Xbox 3's power obsolete. So what's your point?

If you want the strongest hardware and best looking games, then is foolish to buy any console because they all suck compared to the PC. Power isn't what console are supposed to be about. They are about cost effective gaming, stability and uniqueness.

My PC is already stronger than the rumored specs of the PS4/Xbox 3 so nothing they get will impress me at all.

If I buy a console, I want something I cannot get "better" on my PC and the Wii U is the only thing that looks to offer that right now with its two screen parallel gaming, touchscreen and gyroscopic motion control.
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stuna1  +   1012d ago
But aren't the comparisons being made concerning consoles not pcs? It's a known fact that PC's will outpace Consoles! Just like it's a known fact that Consoles will have a minimal shelf life of at least 4 to 5 years.

And out of the 3 things you just listed the PS Vita can already do 2 of them, bar the two parallel gaming screen! So what's your point?

So I guess what I stated is inaccurate!? Sometimes it just too hard to see the truth! SMH.
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zebramocha  +   1012d ago
@limbro You are trying to hard,next gen console won't be affected by next gen PC's as some of the feature are already the same but much more efficient.
N4g_null  +   1012d ago
It's a know fact that Nintendo 1st party games out sale hd and pc games with over 20% of the industry gamers agreeing.

It is also a known fact that multi platform games will be better on pc so no you can't take that out of the equation. Now if you can't afford better hardware, then why are you even putting the wiiu down?

I'm not really worried about the powershow. I don't really like Sony or ms execlusives and I never buy Sony for power but I always buy nintendo for game play.

I wonder what you are going to say when the wiiu starts selling again?
MysticStrummer  +   1012d ago
"But aren't the comparisons being made concerning consoles not pcs?"

Of course they are, but someone always has to throw PC hardware in there.
dizzy74  +   1012d ago
Your PC is already stronger than the rumored specs of the PS4?????
You are a timetraveler? You came from the future?
I am sure your PC is not more powerfull than PS3
And if you want to build a PC powerfull as a PS4 you cant because you cant find the parts in the market.
So if you have a PC powerfull as PS4(that cant be true)so tell me how much money you have spend for this?
Do you have a GPU with 8GB GDDR5 dedicated in your PC??????
Because 8GB GDDR% is not the same with 8GB DDR3 in your motherboard slot if you know a 1% of PC Architecture.
Yes Wii U is powerfull as a optimized PS3 and is a console for kids with maximum age of 10 years old
So get a decision a look at the mirror ,if you are older than 10 years old so you must understand Nintendo is always a console for little kids and noobs adults,if you are under 10 years old go to cry top your mama hug because your Wii U is only for litle childs
LOL_WUT  +   1012d ago
lilbroRx always likes to bring up the old PC card argument when things aren't going in his favor. ;)
ThaBlackBaron  +   1012d ago
Wii already know the Wii U is powerful its just the idiots knows as sony fanboys are in denial lol
MysticStrummer  +   1012d ago
WiiU is comparable to last gen consoles yet is considered next gen.

It's underpowered.

End of story.
gedden7  +   1012d ago
I love the Nintendo Wii U but I'm not too sure they if they know or we know what they are talking about here...

Im no tech guru BUT I know Wii U can't compete tech wise with PS4 and NeXt Box.

But that's not why I brought my Wii U, I brought it for the games, so bring on the games!!!
Munnkyman  +   1012d ago
I think he is saying its a more capable console then what most people think. Yes please bring on the games
stragomccloud  +   1012d ago
It can definitely compete in the graphics department with both of those consoles, it just isn't as powerful. At least with Wii U pretty much all of it's power goes to one purpose.
MilkMan  +   1012d ago
I have zero concerns with Nintendo. They will have a great line up of games, they will have strong 3rd party support and they will have a great run.

Some of it is wishful thinking some of it is based on my experience for bringing the my WiiU to bear when my friends come over.

They sit, they play with it, they see for themselves what the system can do and what it is capable of and when they leave, there perception of the tech is not as they thought it was.

In fact, I have gotten 3 our of my 5 friends that tried it to buy it. They liked it very much and can see the value in it.

(Not to say they are not picking up one or both of the other guys consoles as well)

Unfortunately perception is the reality and now Nintendo has to fight bad (unsolicited PR) for the integrity of their R&D.
DanielForth  +   1012d ago
Maybe you shew-duh released some powerfull lookin games, instead of Current gen wii games that look last gen anyways.
maniacmayhem  +   1012d ago
*shakes head*

Please read the article.
Thepcz  +   1012d ago
up shit creek without a paddle.
must be six months since the wiiu launched and not a single game worthy of purchasing the console for

all this talk about underpower means nothing when there aren't even any games to showcase it
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1012d ago
Iwata is not so clear and somehow doesn't know what hes talking about. Yes It's more powerful than an Xbox 360 and PS3 but not to the extent that it is as equally as powerful as PS4 and Xbox 720. We are talking techwise, it is underpowered "compared" to PS4 and Xbox 720. Dont tell me they "magically" created a console hardware with outdated specs that can run next gen games?? Im not trying to bash nintendo, Im just saying the truth here and all other people who know about the Wii-U. Developers are not idiots, They know its powerful, but to say that its on par with PS4 is delusional. I'll just mention one game from capcom, "Deep Down". do you guys think Wii-U can do this?
esemce  +   1012d ago
I bet they do but it will be too late in a few months.
PigPen  +   1012d ago
Pilot Wing U

Duck Hunt U (box with a motion control gun like the "NES" without the wii-remote setup).

Star Wars (Rogue Squadron U) 1080p.

Fatal Frame U

If I had those games, PS4/Nextbox graphics will mean nothing.
cikarumypon7   1012d ago | Spam
mrbojingles  +   1012d ago
The general consumer is stupid. I don't understand how they look at the Wii U pad and the Wii U's graphics and not immediately understand its a new console over the Wii. Nintendo needs to communicate this better to consumers but I don't understand how people can't figure this out without slapping a 2 on the console title.

In addition, the Internet Gaming Community is stupid because they ignore the fact that CPU's use different archetechure (spell) and that a Tri-Core IBM CPU in Wii U @1.24Ghz can actually outperform the 360's Xenon @3.2Ghz in a lot of ways. They act like a Pentium @3Ghz is superior to a Core i5 @2Ghz

Further, the Internet Gaming Community can't count memory at all or else we wouldn't have this misconception that the Wii U is underpowered. It has 4 times the RAM as 360/PS3 (even more than Wii) and 3 times as much eDRAM as 360, and has separate audio processor to handle stuff like that so it doesn't burden the CPU.

But in the end all that anyone ever pays attention to is "lol 1.24Ghz is smaller number than 3.2Ghz"

Everyone shouldn't be saying how the Wii U is underpowered (the DC wasn't seen as underpowered even if the PS2 bested it one year later) they should more accurately describe their feelings as "it's powerful but not the leap I personally hoped for"

/end rant sorry
BeZdaBest  +   1012d ago
im pretty sure people pick an choose there battles...

like they wont flat out admit that the wiiu is at least better than the ps360..

i now the wiiu is technically underpowered when compared to the ps4/x8.. but all that doesnt matter to "ME".. its all about the experience..

a console could have avatar quality graphics, and if the games dont control that good, an has a convoluted story ,then no amount of power is going to save that...
sync90  +   1012d ago
Make a next gen title and prove everyone wrong then. Simples!
sephx22  +   1012d ago
The Wii U is underpowered when compared to the ps4 and x720 no matter how much Iwata tries to butter it up, the specs don't lie. And i really don't like that people are gonna have to wait another 7 years to play a zelda or metriod at the same level as the ps4 or x720 which will be released this year.
MasterCornholio  +   1012d ago
Sony proved that the PS4 is a lot more powerful than the PS3 with this.

Now its your turn Iwata to prove to gamers that the Wii U is a real next gen console. Otherwise you will be labeled as a fraud.
ninjagoat  +   1012d ago
I wish Nintendo would just do Nintendo and leave itself out off the race with the other two consoles it has nothing to prove. Get me my Mario and Zelda .

End off the day anyone that buys a Nintendo the core that has played Nintendo from day one that's what they want the games they love and know. I want them to do the things the Nintendo console can do now with the system as it is.

Not try and match up to PS4 and the next Xbox we all knew from the start it was just barely over the power off a Ps3 if that. I want to see the next proper Mario that's all and I'm happy.
bigchad  +   1012d ago
when nintendo shows the upcoming project from RETRO STUDIOS all this underpowered bs is going to go right out the window.
sephx22  +   1012d ago
i think it'll be the opposite people will compare a ps4/x720 game to a Wii U game and more statements about the Wii u being underpowered will surface. if devs are saying that the Wii U is underpowered nintendo should listen and improve their console.
BeZdaBest  +   1012d ago
i dont think its too bad

the wii to the ps3 was a hell of a gap..
but the gap between the wii u to ps4 is a lot less than people give it credit if nintendo survived with the wii an all its underpowered glory..
i think nintendo will be fine..(once the games start rolling in)

look people power doesnt equal success..

Power Race

an so on.......

"But it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you." bruce wayne/Batman
#19.2 (Edited 1012d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Adolph Fitler  +   1012d ago
Power is not gonna be the argument Nintendo will ever win with Wii-U, as PS4 & 720 are going to literally bury it, when it comes to power & visual fidelity in games....

The way Nintendo needs to & is currently failing to get through to gamers, is by offering different, tight gameplay experiences, and visuals will have to be compensated with artstyles & such. Wii showed with games like Madworld & such, that artstyle can be the winning factor. Same with Okami, Ico, SOTC, etc, etc... The problem is, all games just mentioned have been commercial flops, so they need to be VERY, VERY smartly marketed with oversaturation & overhype (similar to a COD game), & there tv, movies & internet advertising has to balance both stylistic coolness, as well as show what the game is about & overly flattering gameplay....Now, these things, coupled with Mario3D, MarioKart-U, Zelda-U, Metroid-U, & the usual Nintendo suspects, will help the sell...

But, Nintendo need to get the 3rd party support they have, to stop be such a joke, by offering us games we have already owned, played to death & finished, & instead give us some new IP's that play to the machines strengths, as well as appeal to the biggest demograph of gamers.
I mean, make a fps that is meant to rival the Halo's, COD's & Killzones of the gaming world....and my opinion is get the Metroid Prime guys to team with Myamota & whoever else is needed to make The Greatest fps of ALL TIME, & one of the best games of all time, to bandy together & get this thing out on Wii-U, pronto. Halo 1 proved that a single game can do good things for a machine, so this is Ninty's best chance, I think.
DivineAssault  +   1012d ago
too late
Satirical  +   1011d ago
Art style is just as important as graphics these days. Nintendo just needs to avoid making hyper realistic games, and instead focus on cell-shading or other unique graphical styles. Their games will look just fine.

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