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Submitted by halocursed 942d ago | image

GTA 5 Trailer Comments Confuse and Astound

GR - "Trailers left on YouTube videos for GTA 5's trailers are highly amusing." (Culture, Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

MxRBrobaFett  +   942d ago
My head hurts just trying to figure out what each one said
barb_wire  +   942d ago
I agree.. some of those posters need to go back to school or back on their meds.
Blacktric  +   942d ago
Making an article about YouTube comments of GTA V trailers... Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

"by Ian Miles Cheong on 2nd May, 2013"

Oh, now it makes sense.
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Pozzle  +   942d ago
I thought this was a really, really exaggerated parody of GTA fans or something.

...then I realized these were real comments from real people. Oh my.
Qrphe  +   942d ago
The graphics are amazing, I'm not sure why people are complaining about them. I'm still impressed stuff like GTAV, MGSV and Beyond runs on last-gen hardware.
DoomeDx  +   941d ago
You havent played alot of games havent you?

GTA V will be an amazing game to play. But the graphics arent that good man
Mogwai  +   941d ago
Are you blind!? For an open world game they are some good graphics, did you see the lighting on the night time chase sequence!? Makes me very excited for next gen if they are still squeezing this stuff out of current gen.
cyguration  +   941d ago

it won't look like that on current-gen. It's like trying to get iCEnhancer to run on your Xbox 360...not gonna happen.

360/PS3 don't have the shader tech to pull off that look with that kind of fidelity. The images are from the devkits/PC build.

I can't believe seven years into this generation and people still think that the 360/PS3 are supercomputers of some sort that can defy the laws of technology.
MrChow666  +   941d ago
omg the human race is doomed...
BattleTorn  +   941d ago
HAHAHA, I thought that was really, really funny actually.

"PC's are shit, pickle dick, I'll cut off your fucking arm"

"This better have fucken mexicans - it ain't LA without fucken mexicans"

vishmarx  +   941d ago
I just loved that
"this is great action
I get it wen it come to shops "


mars has internet
goldwyncq  +   941d ago
Humans are simultaneously the best and worst species on this planet.
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